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FindOneInEveryCar t1_j4vknnd wrote

Nowadays the Texas legislature would knowingly honor a Massachusetts serial killer to own the libs.


ValkyriesOnStation t1_j4vxmzw wrote

There is that republican who was just arrested 2 days ago because he paid people to shoot at the houses of democrats. Almost killed a 10 year old girl, bullets whizzing in her bedroom.

I'll be surprised if they actually charge him.


Phitsik23 t1_j4w0lj1 wrote

Sounds like something that'll get you statues made of you (in certain areas)


FromLuxorToEphesus t1_j5223lf wrote

Why would you be surprised? He is sitting in jail in a very blue state.

He literally got charged so I don’t know why you are making stuff up.

Maybe you meant get sent to prison??


Lurchie_ OP t1_j4vm4ox wrote

"We'll cut ourselves off at the knees, but we sure stuck it to them snowflake libtards!"