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Feminist_Cat t1_j6enl2w wrote

Been open since October. Great addition to the merrimack Valley.


justcasty t1_j6ewm9k wrote

The taproom just opened a few weeks ago though


Feminist_Cat t1_j6exdh4 wrote

Correct. And only the small tavern. Main building is TBD while they do renovations


ipsumdeiamoamasamat t1_j6f6h7x wrote

That property has such a history. From an airport to a country club to a small-batch brewery/taproom for a top craft brewer.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j6f8ih5 wrote

It’s still gonna be a country club. They’re keeping the golf course open


Frankfurter t1_j6fuaf5 wrote

You can go to treehouse then go golfing!? What's the name of the course if you might know?


jtet93 t1_j6gkfhv wrote

Shhhhh the waiting list for tee times is already going to be crazy.


No-Pop-125 t1_j6jfnty wrote

They are not going to continue with league play and I believe they let the pro go. Big disappointment. It has been a great public course.


Boston1_ t1_j6i5blj wrote

For the time being, they’ve already had engineers and surveyors in measuring the course to build more condos/apartments.


pacman91 t1_j6fyorc wrote

I got married there! Just makes the history of the building even cooler lol


ohhowexciting t1_j6hidoi wrote

Just went a couple days ago to experience the Treehouse hype for the first time. Beer was great, but I was really surprised at the prices. Everything is the same - you buy $8 drink "tickets" online and scan at the register. Perhaps my yuppie is showing, but that seems super reasonable considering what average to decent breweries and taprooms charge. Hopefully they don't jack it up a bunch when the place gains popularity.


pdowling92 t1_j6hx9jv wrote

The place is already super popular and doesn't need to jack up the prices for profit. They have only rarely raised prices on existing products, and they explicitly called it out due to an increase in hop costs each time.
They know they can make enough money limiting you to 3 $8 drinks, and would rather make sure the experience is perfect rather than profits be absurd


Dunkelz t1_j6jerox wrote

They've kept that pricing pretty consistent at their other locations and have been pretty damn popular for awhile. Hope I'm not jinxing it for everyone but it's crazy their prices haven't gone up more with how high they keep their quality, the atmosphere/cleanliness of their public pour spots and how they treat their employees. Legit have never had a bad encounter with an employee at Tree House.


platzie t1_j6lg2ru wrote

>Legit have never had a bad encounter with an employee at Tree House.

Isn't that the truth? Some of the employees there today were there 7 years ago when I started going to their old location in Monson. They just seem to hire good folks, and most importantly - treat them really well.


parrano357 t1_j6hs4mz wrote

I'm guessing thats the exact reaction they were going for


gacdeuce t1_j6fk2q3 wrote

Interestingly, I went to the place that was there before treehouse bought it probably a month or two before they sold it for a funeral celebration of life after the service. Now it’s a treehouse with golf!


danbyer t1_j6htoso wrote

I used to drive out to Charlton every month or two. Now I live 5 min away (from the Tewksbury location) and go every week. I guess I’m using less gas, at least?


frenetix t1_j6hx4sx wrote

Charlton traffic in that section of Route 20 is going to be a shit-show when the Amazon fortress is completed.


Shemsuni t1_j6gobf6 wrote

How many calories per can? 400?


Grumpfishdaddy t1_j6ian17 wrote

Depends on the beer, but I would say some are at least that. Some of the stouts are probably 500 or so. They also have some very light lagers that are probably under 150 a can.


isuxblaxdix t1_j6eq1v3 wrote

I was very confused about the lack of trees, let alone treehouses, in this picture. Guessing it's a brewery or something?


tarandab t1_j6erixk wrote

It’s a brewery, main location is in Charlton but they’ve been expanding (have another location on the cape and I think somewhere else)


isuxblaxdix t1_j6eteek wrote

Interesting, maybe I'll stop off there sometime I'm heading to/coming from out west


eigenham t1_j6evx2z wrote

It's worth it. It might be worth the drive just for the beer.

Edit: important detail I left out: they don't distribute to liquor stores I think? So you basically have to get their beer from one of their locations.


isuxblaxdix t1_j6ewt6j wrote

Ah, that's probably why I'm not familiar with the brand


eigenham t1_j6exoxe wrote

Yeah now imagine that this business model is successful enough to open lots of locations. That's the level of their beer (personal taste aside, people must like it enough to overcome the inconvenience, right?)


isuxblaxdix t1_j6ezb5s wrote

Yeah I'll definitely check one out the next time I have the chance. I do love a good brewery


eigenham t1_j6f0v16 wrote

Check out their website for ordering ahead and picking up. For a while they wouldn't let you just show up. Started during early COVID, was still that way not too long ago. It will also let you know the level of financial commitment you're getting yourself into.


isuxblaxdix t1_j6f1ng1 wrote

I'd probably just post up in the taproom if possible for a first visit. I like trying the off the wall stuff at breweries, and if I was doing a preorder I feel like I'd be playing it safe and getting pilsners or something haha


tarandab t1_j6f5e83 wrote

You can just show up now - ordering ahead makes it a tad faster if you know what you want, but it’s not like 2020 anymore. Or even like treehouse pre-Covid.


danbyer t1_j6hueka wrote

…yet you’ve never heard of Treehouse? They’ve got 6 of the top 25 beers on BeerAdvocate and rated #1 brewery on Untappd. Yes, you definitely should check them out! Charlton is the mothership, but Tewksbury is coming along and will be more accessible to Boston.


isuxblaxdix t1_j6ie16l wrote

I just said I like breweries, as in I have enjoyed my previous visits to breweries, it's not like a hobby or anything. I didn't realize not being up to date on the highest-rated beers was so controversial in this sub, but it's clear I have offended some of the more cultured Bostonians


gronkspike25 t1_j6kyyx0 wrote

I love TH. Julius, Green, & Haze are some of my favorite beers but to me Hill Farmstead blows them out of the water. Their versatility and the ability to make every they make fantastic is crazy. I didn’t believe the HF hype until I made the trek and it was amazing.


danbyer t1_j6l2j0o wrote

Hell yeah. I spend a lot of time in VT and I try to get to HF at least once a year. I agree that their offerings are incredible and the location is idyllic.

But I’m an unashamed TH addict. :P Now that it’s so handy to me, I’ve been trying all the non-DIPA styles and they’re all amazing. They’ve got like 75 offerings on the menu and they just keep coming. I can’t keep up!


tarandab t1_j6f5450 wrote

I have family in the Midwest who have expressed jealousy that we’ve had Treehouse beer. It’s a name in beer circles


jtet93 t1_j6gkudg wrote

It’s worth it just for the experience. I’m not a huge “juicy IPA” person (they have other offerings, but they’re known for that style in particular). But I love going with friends because it’s so beautiful, it operates like a well oiled machine, and they always have a good selection of food trucks on saturdays, lol. I think Eastern Standard Provisions has a semi-permanent pretzel counter now too. So good


isuxblaxdix t1_j6gp6zg wrote

That honestly sounds amazing. Definitely will check it out


eyre-quotes t1_j6g0zby wrote

Idk why you’ve been downvoted like that, we’re not all beer connoisseurs here


isuxblaxdix t1_j6g1zdm wrote

Lol no clue but reddit do be like that sometimes. I have had some pretty low effort comments get upvoted though so maybe it washes out