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BradMarchandsNose t1_j6f8ih5 wrote

It’s still gonna be a country club. They’re keeping the golf course open


Frankfurter t1_j6fuaf5 wrote

You can go to treehouse then go golfing!? What's the name of the course if you might know?


jtet93 t1_j6gkfhv wrote

Shhhhh the waiting list for tee times is already going to be crazy.


No-Pop-125 t1_j6jfnty wrote

They are not going to continue with league play and I believe they let the pro go. Big disappointment. It has been a great public course.


Boston1_ t1_j6i5blj wrote

For the time being, they’ve already had engineers and surveyors in measuring the course to build more condos/apartments.