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Full_Alarm1 t1_j6cx1yz wrote

Respectfully, there are very few women who kill their children who are in active treatment for post partum mental health issues. I would challeneg you to find another story like this. That’s a big part of the sympathy- that we as a society dont give enough attention to pp mh, and that even when a woman did give it attention, this happened.

You can blame all the other factors class/race/gender- they are clearly relevant. The idea of someone being aware of, and taking advantage of, help in this situation, and then tragically having the worst outcome is part of what makes so many people have sympathy. Among the other reasons you’ve mentioned


LadyGreyIcedTea t1_j6g4sb2 wrote

To be fair, who has an easier time accessing mental health treatment? An affluent woman who in all likelihood has private health insurance and a husband who is able to work from home while she seeks treatment or a woman of lower socioeconomic means who is on MassHealth and who doesn't have family support?