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CraigInDaVille t1_j5lbbo6 wrote

Everyone's racing out before any plowing has happened, hoping to "beat" the traffic, and thus are making things worse. I bet at 5pm it's clear and easy commuting.


UltravioletClearance t1_j5lt4ox wrote

It happens every snowstorm. Dim witted bosses force people in then let everyone out early right when the storm gets bad. The #1 reason I now work fully remote.


jkjeeper06 t1_j5lecwr wrote

My commute on google maps has been getting shorter for the last hour


rygo796 t1_j5lwfnp wrote

I had to drive 30min out and back to daycare that closed early. That is exactly what happened.


krissym99 t1_j5ly4j9 wrote

Still pretty nasty when I left work at 5:30.


CaptainOverthinker t1_j5m0xle wrote

Yup pretty much. I left work around 5 and there really wasn’t much traffic and the roads weren’t that bad. The pike was surprisingly fine, just had to take it a little slow


hyperside89 t1_j5m6tt9 wrote

Yeah my commute at 5:30 was pretty standard for that day/time.


ReporterOther2179 t1_j5maotj wrote

Yup. Four wheels, however driven, are not suited to snow. But remember it wouldn’t be traffic without you.


charons-voyage t1_j5p97tq wrote

That’s such a shitty thing to say tbh. Not everyone has the luxury to live close to work. Some of us have to schlep from the burbs because we aren’t rich enough to afford Boston/Cambridge. And the Red Line (my transit option) has 12+ minute headways on the BT branch. No one LIKES to be stuck in traffic. It sucks. But there are no other options for some people.

ETA I used to bike year round from Quincy to Kendall but the infrastructure going through DOT continues to get worse and drivers are more aggressive than ever. Not an option any longer now that I have kids and can’t afford to die lol


rainniier2 t1_j5lpnad wrote

Just came in from a walk, Inman area is a parking lot. Not envious of folks sitting in cars.


Ruleseventysix t1_j5lxhia wrote

Well you know it's bad when the streets around your office in north Waltham are gridlocked because it's close to the highway, but the 70 bus encountered no traffic. Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! I tell you..


Clamgravy t1_j5owaez wrote

Yes. Traffic is bad in the snow. Thank you for the breaking news...


peri_5xg t1_j5xb1n3 wrote

Snow sucks, snow.


SausageMcFlurry t1_j5lr8mv wrote

So buy a bike. It's nice breezing past 30 SUVs at every red light. Commuting by car makes you fat, poor and miserable. Commuting by bike makes you fit, saves you money and gets you there faster!


ArthurVanDaalay t1_j5luo3t wrote

Commuting by bicycle in the city during a snowstorm isn't what I would call intelligent if you value safety at all


Master_Dogs t1_j5moze2 wrote

That's an issue of infrastructure, maintenance, etc. Plenty of snowy countries in Europe maintain their bike paths and bike lanes year round.

Though the commenter is being a of a dick I'll admit - it's not like everyone can bike long distances, or will when we've built suburbs sprawling out for tens of miles. Ideally we would have developed the core metro, built up a strong transit network, and walking/cycling/micro mobility in general would be easier if people had 2 mile commutes instead of 20 mile ones.


ArthurVanDaalay t1_j5olids wrote

Oh for sure, not saying it can't be made more safe. I'm talking about current conditions/attitudes


AboyNamedBort t1_j5mo3g3 wrote

If you value safety at all don’t drive in a city. Pedestrians, cyclists and T riders don’t kill people, only drivers do.


symonym7 t1_j5ojb2a wrote

When I was biking everywhere during the 2015 blizzards it was easily faster than driving/walking/mass transiting.

Since I moved out of bike commute distance, where most of us complaining about traffic are at, I do still bike every day - it’s just on a roller in my apartment.

People who are fat/poor/miserable are as such for plenty of reasons that have nothing to do with their mode of transport. (Not including folks who eat a full fcking meal while driving - definitely some causation there)


justinew2000 t1_j5nbwlu wrote

You do know if you're a bike using the road than you must follow the rules of the road. LIKE STOPPING AT A RED LIGHT


Prestigious_Bobcat29 t1_j5o3yp6 wrote

If only drivers would too, maybe they wouldn’t kill so many tens of thousands every year. How many people were killed last year by a light running bike? Or by any bike collision? Maybe your priorities are a little completely ass backwards?


justinew2000 t1_j5okw8a wrote

Did I ever say anywhere that drivers were better at following the rules of the road or that bikes kill anyone, no I didn't not even close. I'm simply responding to the statement made by the bicyclist above that says its alright to blow through red lights which it clearly is not. Just like its not alright for a car to do so either. So maybe next time when you make a quick judgment of thinking what my priorities are maybe put a little more context behind the comment I'm making. Also I bike around the city as well so maybe my priorities are so ass backwards as you say dumbass


Prestigious_Bobcat29 t1_j5om5pa wrote

So do you struggle with reading or were you just excited to respond to something the op didn’t say? They didn’t say blowing through a red light, they said passing cars stopped at a red light. You’re not required to que up behind stopped traffic.


justinew2000 t1_j5on4cf wrote

I dont struggle with reading at all I belive its within human nature for people to read things and interpret it different ways. (Or am I wrong about that one as well) I read what the bicycle comment above says and interpret it as the bicyclist blowing past 30 suvs by going through a red light. Regardless am I wrong in saying that a lot of bikes do go through red lights and put themselves in danger? Again not saying cars are better, but am I wrong? No I don't think I am


Ok_Wealth_7711 t1_j5oirba wrote

And drivers need to also follow the rules of the road, like stopping at red lights, not turning on red when there's a sign forbidding it, following the speed limit, not parking in active traffic lanes (like bike lanes). I could go on for quite awhile. If what you truly care about is folks breaking the rules, then drivers are where you should start.


justinew2000 t1_j5olaba wrote

Did I ever say anywhere that drivers were better at following the rules of the road or that bikes kill anyone, no I didn't not even close. I'm simply responding to the statement made by the bicyclist above that says its alright to blow through red lights which it clearly is not. Just like its not alright for a car to do so either. I also bike around the city as well so I think I'm allowed to criticize what another bicyclist says just like drivers can criticize another driver for doing the wrong thing. Neither side follows the rules. And while cars are certainly more dangerous lets not act like bicyclists are patron saints and can do no wrong


Ok_Wealth_7711 t1_j5omeu6 wrote

The person you responded to said they breeze past cars at red lights, not that they breeze through red lights.


justinew2000 t1_j5omorr wrote

I believe that's up to interpretation/the way you read because I read it the opposite way and read it as blasting past suvs going through a red light. Regardless bikers running red lights, just like cars, is very much a problem