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iwishiwasskiing95 OP t1_j5mt0mx wrote

Nope, no announcement. The train just went to alewife, so I stayed on and it stopped at Davis and Porter on the way inbound.


QueenOfBrews t1_j5myvwd wrote

That doesn’t sound right. Did you have headphones on and miss it? Not trying to doubt you, but I’ve never ever in all my years heard of that happening without an announcement. I’m assuming other people on the car were confused/pissed?


iwishiwasskiing95 OP t1_j5ocroh wrote

Didn’t have headphones on but I guess I could’ve just zoned out or something, person I was with didn’t hear anything either. Yeah other people were looking around but there were only a couple peeps on the train


jtet93 t1_j5oks0h wrote

Maybe the speakers in your car were broken or something? Sounds like it was just an express train.