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SomeSortofDisaster t1_j5kklhe wrote

What, are you saving the Wild Irish Rose for a special occasion?


TheLamestUsername t1_j5krroi wrote

I see you appreciate the finer things. Might I suggest this site which I believe you will enjoy.


SomeSortofDisaster t1_j5l21a6 wrote

I'm shocked that site is still around, I remember it from like 2006


TheLamestUsername t1_j5l2j00 wrote

Its guestbook link has comments from 2003, and it has a link to a myspace page. Makes me wonder if that "new" graphic next to the link for shirts is legit


QueenOfBrews t1_j5kwiek wrote

Thank you for letting us all know this is a thing. I know where I’m doing my Christmas shopping this year.


Bada__Ping t1_j5km49p wrote

Where in MA do you live? Its a decent-sized state so I'm not sure how far you're willing to drive for a $4.99 bottle of regrettable decisions


Funkybeatzzz t1_j5ku0n4 wrote

The 1990s? It’s right next to the Zima.


agu-g t1_j5kw269 wrote

It's usually by the Boones and clove cigarettes


JonnyJFunk t1_j5knh1q wrote

Back in the day we used to get another type of bum wine called Night Train from a packy on beech st in China Town...basically right next to Soo Hoo Park.

I honestly haven't walked down beech in a couple years so I don't know if they're open, but if they are it's a good bet.


frankybling t1_j5nfkyo wrote

It was Night Train Express fortified wine… the express is the most important part. I plastered the outside of the McDonalds on Gallivan with that fine beverage one night in the early 90’s.


frankybling t1_j5nfoq5 wrote

Important to add that it was an unhoused gentleman that purchased it for us for the equal exchange of he got one too


Guilty_Scheme_6215 t1_j5nkiej wrote

You know those old people Facebook posts reminiscing about "drinking water from a hose" and "eating bologna" or whatever? I'd love to see one that's like "When I was a kid we bought our MD 20/20s from kindly unhoused individuals. Gen z will never understand 😭🙏🙌"


Dontleave t1_j5ku67h wrote

Look for the sketchiest liquor store in your neighborhood. They still sell it, I saw it a few weeks ago but can’t remember which store it was