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biological_assembly t1_j73h0q6 wrote

Devilman Crybaby is one of the most brutal, heartbreaking things that I've ever seen on screen.

That said, this is incredible, OP. Good work.


ThatITguy2015 t1_j73tvag wrote

I’m rather amazed it made it on a major streaming service. Super duper fucked up in spots.


nagemada t1_j73usm6 wrote

Why won't you take the baton?


JoanneDark90 t1_j74fyrn wrote

The runners dying seriously fucked me up for a bit.


Le-Ando t1_j75xuhz wrote

Yeah I love Devilman Crybaby deeply (it’s one of my favourite anime of all time), but good god it can be hard to watch. While I love it to bits I don’t think I’m going to sit down and rewatch it for a very long time (if ever) simply because of scenes like the one with the runners you describe and the club scene in the first episode. The show is hyper-violent and brutal to the extreme, but in Devilman Crybaby that off-putting, purposefully disturbing and upsetting ultra-violence actually works in its favour. It’s rare that a piece of media can be that violent and deeply upsetting while still being engaging and impactful.


00skully t1_j74tk7u wrote

Yeah it just happens. Like no real build up, you just get the general feeling that something might be off this episode and then... yeah


Bendy_demon0079 t1_j73uskh wrote

Yea it’s sad like bro tarro di oops shouldn’t say that spoilers


MetalBawx t1_j73eium wrote

"I'm not Amon, he's eating shit in hell right now! You can call me... DEVILMAN!!!"


lionofash t1_j75x09r wrote

Jokes on them Amon wouldn't really be on their side either if the spin offs are any indication


EchoResponse t1_j73b9w1 wrote

Amazing. I would love to see your take on Amon as well.


xmac t1_j748310 wrote

Are wa dare da dare da dare da! Are wa DEBIRU, DEBIRUMAAN! DEBIRUMAAAAN!


ProfXsavior t1_j739zlg wrote

Looks almost akin to the “Burning Abyss” archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh. Which i hope you take as a compliment


DJ__Hanzel t1_j75j4re wrote

First thing I thought when I saw this. So much so that I figured someone else would have to have pointed it out already.

BA is one of the coolest artworks in game. Good work OP.


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_j73kq0m wrote

My man been hitting the racks. Look at them thunder thighs


Majora1419 t1_j74genz wrote

Could be on a black MTG card for sure


NoobJew666 t1_j75du6k wrote

You really capture the style of old religious demon art of this Japanese classic.


86casawi t1_j744j7k wrote

Any warhammer fan here, its Azazel.


SpookyBoogie69 t1_j74fuhr wrote

What a badass motherfucker! i love it .


ShyGuyWolf t1_j74k4ok wrote

I know this guy, awesome work


Kdb321 t1_j75gcsl wrote

Beautiful 🖤


PsycoticANUBIS t1_j74zecs wrote

Now Rob Zombie's Devil Man song is stuck in my head.


LeePhantomm t1_j76iepn wrote

For me, it’s the anime soundtrack . It’s so amazing. One of my favourite of all time. Top ten.


CovidEnema t1_j74zte9 wrote

Fella got some love handles totally clap his cheeks.


PaleIan t1_j75jk0l wrote

Loved the old comics and show


littleblkcat666 t1_j75r7c4 wrote

Im getting heavy Frank Frazetta vibes. Nice one


ThorStaats t1_j75u5yn wrote

Kinda reminds me of Frank Frazetta


Virian900 t1_j75ulo5 wrote

Ultra-rare chance to grant a deadly power to Super ATK


lionofash t1_j75x23u wrote

Oh shit is Chainsawman just Devilman but it got popular all at once


Elgar337 t1_j760kdj wrote

He uses his unique powers to fight good, for the bad of his people.


johnruby t1_j769h86 wrote

Arewadareda? Dareda? Dareda? Arewadareda? Debiruman~Debi~Ruman~


Snoo17579 t1_j769uvv wrote

He be looking kinda hot


YesplzMm t1_j76kxuq wrote

Looks like Goliath. Would expect him to sound like Keith David.


DeathByLemmings t1_j777poa wrote

Big magic the gathering card energy here, could be some form of Ob Nixilis

Really like it! Well done!


alienartissst t1_j883ylc wrote

Looks like a renaissance era biblical painting! Great work. It's awesome to come across another DMCB fan in the wild lol.


Legacy-ZA t1_j75qto0 wrote

satan doesn't look like that, he is described as an angel of light.

Easier to deceive mankind I suppose.


theoutlander523 t1_j73kgvi wrote

Wow AI art looks great when done with the right prompts. Good job op.


mattiacolombrita_art OP t1_j744qhs wrote

Ai? I painted this. I didn't spend years of study and effort to give my work to AI