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FalloutOW t1_j8bt8x6 wrote

Don't ask me silly questions. I won't play silly games.


sillsic t1_j8bu6uj wrote

Blaine is a pain.


Choice-Valuable313 t1_j8c3zzq wrote

“I don’t think you’re happy at all. And I don’t think Charlie’s your real name, either…”


chyerbrigade t1_j8c5zht wrote

Don't ask me silly questions

I won't play silly games

I'm just a simple choo choo train

And I'll always be the same.

I only want to race along

Beneath the bright blue sky

And be a happy choo choo train

Until the day I die.


Choice-Valuable313 t1_j8da7bz wrote

Now that I can’t race along, beneath a bright blue sky,

I guess that I’ll just sit right here, until I finally die.


the_humeister t1_j8bunxk wrote

Thomas isn't looking so hot


colesnove t1_j8bntjp wrote

When the real villain here is the squirrel and the train is just trying to help the child not fall to this trap


Opiedogplayer t1_j8cw7ot wrote

Choo Choo Charles before he became a spider.


Crazy-Dingo-1409 t1_j8dnnn3 wrote

That train’s face is what I see when I go downstairs in the morning to use the bathroom and look in the mirror.


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_j8e7wr4 wrote

Plot Twist

Monster Train takes the little boy to Monster School where all the kids learn that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside to be a true monster. And they all become the best of buddies.


no-kooks t1_j8e9gxc wrote

Accurate Chuck E. Cheese depiction.


6reference t1_j8euwos wrote

The Little Engine that Died Trying