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xGenocidest t1_j8rmb1r wrote

Guessing the Godskin Apostle is just out of frame.


savagetruck t1_j8s8i9v wrote

I whip my heir back and forth


yanbag609 t1_j8tso3r wrote

ironic how Willow Smith sang that song and now her mom has no hair


withloveuhoh t1_j8uqaki wrote

I heard it was from a Gastric Intestinal problem... Not sure how she got the nickname Jane ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


yanbag609 t1_j8w3ibv wrote

G.I.Jane a movie dummy more stared In she had a shaved head in it actually Chris's joke was really funny if you know


_Wyrm_ t1_j8wp7di wrote

Do you smell burnt toast?...


yanbag609 t1_j8wuds2 wrote

nah just brain cells been in Reddit too long


withloveuhoh t1_j8x5qvx wrote

Yeah I know... I was just making a dumb joke. Gastric Intestinal... G.I. tract


yanbag609 t1_j8xgpbb wrote

well I'm just dumb cause I didn't get it


6ynnad t1_j8u7nda wrote

Father foreskin and his assistant Tuck nip.


Wisdomlost t1_j8rpzg0 wrote

It reminds me of the festival women at windmill village in the game elden ring. They sacrificed people to take their skin and make clothing out of it.


Randa11F1agg t1_j8t4vop wrote

In the woods there grew a tree

And a fine fine tree was he

And on that tree there was a limb

And on that limb there was a branch

And on that branch there was a nest

And in that nest there was an egg

And in that egg there was a bird

And from that bird a feather came

And of that feather was a bed

And on that bed there was a girl

And on that girl there was a man

And from that man there was a seed

And from that seed there was a boy

And from that boy there was a man

And for that man there was a grave

From that grave there grew a tree

In the Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle wood


Canadian_Donairs t1_j8ug1n4 wrote

I don't know where this version is originally from or where you found it but this is very very very similar to a song called "The Rattlin' Bog" from the east coast of Canada.

I grew up hearing this song played at Legions and firehall dances all the time.


FerdiaC t1_j8ugpfl wrote

It's from Ireland, but makes sense it's common in Eastern Canada.


whereyouatdesmondo t1_j8vblei wrote

It's time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.

(That's exactly where my brain went.)


NintendoGeneration t1_j8vom5l wrote

And the green grass grew all around and around, and the green grass grew all around.


LeeroyM OP t1_j8r77b8 wrote


TheLaughingAvatar t1_j8r8wy4 wrote

Possibly inspired by The Endless?


LeeroyM OP t1_j8r99y7 wrote

It is not, is there a scene like this in it?


TheLaughingAvatar t1_j8r9dkt wrote

Yep, an element that's very similar. I recommend the film - it's very good science fiction horror! Especially if you enjoy Lovecraftian themes.


xRockTripodx t1_j8sal01 wrote

I unabashedly love that movie. A little low budget gem. And that tent scene... Chills.


drieggs t1_j8ui67d wrote

Yass, I love that movie.


xRockTripodx t1_j8usymg wrote

Right? There's something about it. Something earnest, something mysterious about it, that I really appreciate.


drieggs t1_j8uu3fj wrote

My girlfriend and I watch it at least once a year. Along with all the rest of their movies. If you haven't seen Resolution I highly recommend!!


xRockTripodx t1_j8uuf5l wrote

Just watched that for the first time a month or so ago. Very good film! Though, I like the Endless a bit more, but watching Resolution sure made at least one scene make more sense.


DBeumont t1_j8tuh5s wrote

Seconded. The Endless is so well done.


-Magnum-Dong t1_j8s3flb wrote

Midsommer may queen be like : where is my bear?


dendenp t1_j8t5103 wrote

Such a fucked up film


-Magnum-Dong t1_j8wfhm1 wrote

Wait what do you mean fucked up? Do you not yeet your elders off a cliff?


dendenp t1_j8wxaai wrote

That wasnt as bad. I meant the sacrificing of the friends


-Magnum-Dong t1_j8x8340 wrote

I don't know what you are talking about my friend.

Sacrificing friends to the pagan gods is one of the most based thing we do around here in our community. You should visit us some time.


Spacechicken0 t1_j8tigls wrote

if it wasnt for the dark background and the light coming out of nowhere id just think theyre operating a doodad, a thingamajig per se


dry_soup t1_j8t6ssz wrote

Are you feeling it now mr krabs


BlueKalamari t1_j8sbakq wrote

Mabon's Maypole signifies fertility it's a Pagan practice later adopted by Christians turning the symbol into rabbits also another animal high in fertility rates.

Looks cool though.


Honey_bitch- t1_j8tsaws wrote



LeeroyM OP t1_j8u8h5n wrote

Yes, the maypole is part of the Midsummer Festival which originated in Germany most likely in the late 17th or early 18th century.


6ynnad t1_j8u7hn6 wrote

I love it r/fakealbumcover has a place for that


iwishihadahorse t1_j8son8j wrote

This made me think of a "rat king" - take care when googling.


Genoblade1394 t1_j8sruen wrote

I don’t understand our (USA) fascination with turning children into a symbol of demonic apparitions / fear in horror movies etc.


keyekeb8 t1_j8t6mw8 wrote

That's not really exclusive to the US though?

I mean, look at the Ju-On series


100Labels t1_j8v5i40 wrote

Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?


TheNoIdeaKid t1_j8vnlma wrote

Sir up.

What’re we doin’ here?


GrindcoreNinja t1_j8vnn39 wrote

The first thing that came to mind was Crosses - Bitches Brew.


LaceBird360 t1_j8w2u2i wrote

They forgot the flowers.


2OneZebra t1_j8zjfq3 wrote

We can dance if we want to We can leave your friends behind 'Cause your friends don't dance And if they don't dance Well, they're no friends of mine


danielleadams1979 t1_j8t6x8q wrote

Where are the boys?


nmmmnu t1_j8vkzl8 wrote

They were killed earlier, then ritually eaten by the girls, lol


kungconny88 t1_j8tgkb1 wrote

What the hell, it's not a real maypole thought. Anyways I don't get why you call it maypole when it is a festival in the midsummer in Sweden in June and also the maypole is a phallussymbol the two rings are balls and the pole you guess it. Why is it upside you ask. It's a giant dick fucking the earth. It's a celebration to mother earth that harbour us and gives us food. It's an ancient harvest festival.