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Randa11F1agg t1_j8t4vop wrote

In the woods there grew a tree

And a fine fine tree was he

And on that tree there was a limb

And on that limb there was a branch

And on that branch there was a nest

And in that nest there was an egg

And in that egg there was a bird

And from that bird a feather came

And of that feather was a bed

And on that bed there was a girl

And on that girl there was a man

And from that man there was a seed

And from that seed there was a boy

And from that boy there was a man

And for that man there was a grave

From that grave there grew a tree

In the Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle, Summerisle wood


Canadian_Donairs t1_j8ug1n4 wrote

I don't know where this version is originally from or where you found it but this is very very very similar to a song called "The Rattlin' Bog" from the east coast of Canada.

I grew up hearing this song played at Legions and firehall dances all the time.


FerdiaC t1_j8ugpfl wrote

It's from Ireland, but makes sense it's common in Eastern Canada.


whereyouatdesmondo t1_j8vblei wrote

It's time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.

(That's exactly where my brain went.)


NintendoGeneration t1_j8vom5l wrote

And the green grass grew all around and around, and the green grass grew all around.