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Billy-BigBollox t1_j9n1egs wrote

Really dishonest of OP to claim this as original work and to sell his prints. It's like me selling a completed coloring book.


LillianCatbutt t1_j9n3b3m wrote

The prints on Etsy 👏🏻. Somebody should contact the original artist so they can get their copyright money.


LillianCatbutt t1_j9ndlqw wrote

AND he’s selling them on his website. Somebody is looking to nuke their savings and career as a painter.


pundstorm t1_j9pxjzc wrote

No it's not, it is still an original artwork, OP just used a reference picture to paint it, (hardly like a colouring book is it?) and frankly, so what? - it's still a good painting!

People need to chill and lower their pitchforks


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9rhnbs wrote

I really appreciate this comment. Honestly, thank you so much. I did use an image by an artist called Artyom Gordienko as a reference to make this painting. I did not know the name of the artist who made the original image. I just really liked the image( I found it online and the og artist was not credited) I used it as a reference for this painting. When somebody informed me who the artist was I was happy to credit him. I answered any comments about it explaining the situation.

I really don't like using social media but I know it's a necessary thing to try and get my artwork out there in the world. This was the first thing I've posted in about a year, I chose a painting that isn't really part of my usual practice to get me into the habit of posting. Didn't really think it was gonna get as much attention as this so I thought it would be a good start.

I forgot how much Reddit loves to brigade and be negative. Whoever this Lillian cat anus is has been following me to other posts being negative. I don't really know what else they want from me tbh. I credited the original image as soon as somebody told me. The post I made has loads of cool comments of people telling their stories which I have enjoyed reading. I like the painting I made, it was a nice break from my normal work. Dunno what else they want from me really. Thanks again for sticking up for me and being a voice of reason. It made me feel a bit better.


pundstorm t1_j9rjsia wrote

Sadly, haters are gonna hate.

Great find and I love your interpretation of the photograph - you truly made it into your own and that is what art is all about! I went to Art School and alot of the pre-work was looking at other artists, as many as possible and try out things, even outright copy them - that's how you learn to experiment and find new and interesting things and slowly something original will come to you.

Picasso looked at African artefacts and other religious objects and statues from tribes - and alot of other modernists did aswell withouth giving it the proper credit.

Thank you for sharing your art, keep at it bro - you are talented.


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9rp8hh wrote

Yes that is the sad truth. Haters love to tear down but never create. I truly appreciate your comments. I went to art school too and learned a lot more from practice than I did from tutors. I think people like to see artists as people who have god given talent, when in reality it's just a lot of hard work. One of my favourite artists is Egon Schiele, he studied under Gustav Klimt and while you can see the influence his work is a totally separate thing. I think it's just hard seeing people criticize your work in text. When you read criticism like that in text it is easier to take it to heart but in reality if they were saying it in person it would be so easy to brush it off because you would be able to identify them as absolute fools. It's easy to criticise with Doritos dusted fingers on a keyboard. I will keep sharing my art and I thank you for being voice of reason amongst all the criticism. You are a man who understands what art is about and that means a lot to me. So thank you again.


LeGuizee t1_j9o2voc wrote

So basically a mix between this picture and Munch’s style. Pretty inspired OP


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9o3ywm wrote

Thanks for sharing that link. I'm not sure where I seen the original photo I used as a reference for this painting. I tried Google lens on the painting but no results showed up.

Now that I know though I have contacted him on Instagram as I can't seem to find any other contact info. Hopefully he doesn't mind me using it as a reference for this painting study but if he does I will remove it from my any of my online posts.


NoBreeches t1_j9odmo4 wrote

My boy, no offense, but acting like this was just something you saw while browsing the web a while back... but the art is derived from your own memory won't work. One look at the two images side-by-side disproves that, since their posture/outlines are exactly the same. No one's memory is that good.

You put your own spin on it so it's not "theft" and you're not a horrible person for creating it... in fact I don't believe permission is even needed due to the changes you put on it... but always credit the original author/mention that it's derived from something. It's as simple as that.


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9offsf wrote

I'm not saying I painted it from memory. I saw the image and liked and saved it. The image was uncredited so I didn't know who the artist was. I needed a break from my normal work and made this painting using it as a reference. Thought it was a cool image. It's hard to credit the original creator when you don't know who made it. Now I know who it is though and will find out how he feels and work from there.


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nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9ojkta wrote

I wasn't thinking about Edvard Munch at all when I made this painting. I don't know too much of his work beyond the scream but I could probably recognise his style if I saw a painting of his and take a guess it was his work or somebody from a similar time period.

I usually like to use loud colours in my paintings, bright colours, brush strokes and tiny details. So this was a painting I made to take a break from what I was working on.
I didn't know who the original image was made by so it was hard to credit him but now I know so I will credit the og image maker if I ever post again (which I probably won't in fairness). That was my bad though and you live and learn. Everyday is a school day.


kotuha t1_j9lcqfr wrote

Were you inspired by Edvard Munch? The colours and overall style really reminds me of his artwork. I also love the eyes, very spooky!


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9lg6r8 wrote

I do Enjoy the work of Edvard Munch. It wasn't at the forefront of my mind when I made it but I appreciate the comparison, a lovely compliment to get. Thank you!


Ascurtis t1_j9nvzl6 wrote

Yeah so, you can't just go ahead and copy someone else's work then sell it. I'd buy one if all the money you make goes to the original creator. Then I'd throw it out.


Lizzle372 t1_j9l5uoi wrote

Reminds me of the golden retriever's eyes glowing in the intro to Goosebumps. Always terrified me. 👍


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9lcg1a wrote

Not a reference I was expecting but I had a look and you are spot on haha. Unlocked a memory for me. Used to love reading goosebumps in my bed as a kid


Lizzle372 t1_j9lot8p wrote

I always look away when the dog comes on screen 👀 it was so unexpected!


zemangalho t1_j9m2nsg wrote

Did you Paint this on dph? Looks like Shadow people to me....


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9m2zfy wrote

What is dph?


OneYearSteakDay t1_j9nvdab wrote

>Magritte: Needs more apples.
> >Munch: Yeah, and why aren't they screaming?
> >Escher: Is that ground... is that ground flat!?
> >Dali: They're not even melting, what's up with that?


choklitmilk t1_j9lbctq wrote

They look friendly. I would hang out with them


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9lc7rm wrote

Couple of chill people. They are just looking to smoke weed and watch netflix. "Take me to your Dealer"


choklitmilk t1_j9mwea8 wrote

I would smoke with them and eat snacks, I hope they like doritos.


MysticSmear t1_j9lf1ve wrote

The thing I love most about “uncanny valley” is that it’s a universal experience. Every culture has it. Likely means humans evolved over time to be disturbed by something that almost looked human, but wasn’t. well done!


EchoLink t1_j9nk0xz wrote

"Pepé looked suspiciously back every minute or so, and his eyes sought the tops of the ridges ahead. Once, on a white barren spur, he saw a black figure for a moment; but he looked quickly away, for it was one of the dark watchers. No one knew who the watchers were, nor where they lived, but it was better to ignore them and never to show interest in them. They did not bother one who stayed on the trail and minded his own business." - John Steinbeck


HosbnBolt t1_j9niuaq wrote

Reminds me of The Prodigy


TheBuddhaCode t1_j9nq21e wrote

Looks like a dream. Very mysterious and ominous piece.


Guckalp t1_j9zi4qr wrote

Why are people downvoting every single comment that says this is good? So many miserable people that can't stand someone else's success and have to bring them down?


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nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9lmj4w wrote

Thank you so much. If you wanna drop me a message I can send you a link to buy one if you would like!


ZuttoAragi t1_j9nah3y wrote

This is exactly what I needed to make a friend of mine understand the Uncanny Valley. He can't seem to otherwise grasp the concept.


Sfoxfox t1_j9nci6q wrote

This is incredible


FurL0ng t1_j9nk9pz wrote

Photos are epic. Painting loses the meaning and looks childish, especially with the thick contour on the woman.


green49285 t1_j9ojp5o wrote

I'm absolutely loving this painting.


larget21 t1_j9olkdv wrote

i see this on benadryl


ashtotes t1_j9or4bq wrote

Ooh I love this.


habu-sr71 t1_j9orva8 wrote

Looks like where I live.


Supernova345799 t1_j9owc25 wrote

POV: your parents caught you the drinking the Gatorade under the sink


benwa00 t1_j9p4gj3 wrote

why steal such a terrible piece of art ?


CeeArthur t1_j9mdlgw wrote

Reminds me of the 'White Christmas' episode of Black Mirror, when people are blurred out


ga-co t1_j9kmcgt wrote

I’d buy it!


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9kmgcj wrote

Awesome. It's for sale if you are interested?


Fancy-Pair t1_j9mcfw8 wrote

Mystiques parents