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NoBreeches t1_j9odmo4 wrote

My boy, no offense, but acting like this was just something you saw while browsing the web a while back... but the art is derived from your own memory won't work. One look at the two images side-by-side disproves that, since their posture/outlines are exactly the same. No one's memory is that good.

You put your own spin on it so it's not "theft" and you're not a horrible person for creating it... in fact I don't believe permission is even needed due to the changes you put on it... but always credit the original author/mention that it's derived from something. It's as simple as that.


nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9offsf wrote

I'm not saying I painted it from memory. I saw the image and liked and saved it. The image was uncredited so I didn't know who the artist was. I needed a break from my normal work and made this painting using it as a reference. Thought it was a cool image. It's hard to credit the original creator when you don't know who made it. Now I know who it is though and will find out how he feels and work from there.


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nialltaggartfineart OP t1_j9ojkta wrote

I wasn't thinking about Edvard Munch at all when I made this painting. I don't know too much of his work beyond the scream but I could probably recognise his style if I saw a painting of his and take a guess it was his work or somebody from a similar time period.

I usually like to use loud colours in my paintings, bright colours, brush strokes and tiny details. So this was a painting I made to take a break from what I was working on.
I didn't know who the original image was made by so it was hard to credit him but now I know so I will credit the og image maker if I ever post again (which I probably won't in fairness). That was my bad though and you live and learn. Everyday is a school day.