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blukoski t1_jb33v1r wrote

New Mexican here. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the burning of zozobra…but this is an incredible depiction of it. Awesome work either way!


GoblinSuplex OP t1_jb33yss wrote

I have not, I'll have to research it. thank you though! I appreciate it


HabaneroBanero t1_jb3aqv2 wrote

The way the flame illuminates the surroundings is very sharp. It adds movement to the floor drawing the eye down. The thick paint adds even more shadow from the overhead lighting really making the bonfire resonate. Like the dancing shadows caused by flickering flame. And is that a skull/moaning face in the central flame? Really gives a twisted hell flame kind of feel, especially from the flames going straight up with no outward direction. Really well done!


Greig421 t1_jb3i73r wrote

looks like my sleep paralysis demons getting more than me at least!


Hoonrats t1_jb47uee wrote

The demons....are lurking in the mist of it all.


DiogoSN t1_jb48d4u wrote

Gonna be a nervous night...


Dead_Purple t1_jb57tgz wrote

Sure I most likely would end up murdered or spirited away, but I'd let you be my date. A bonus if you actually attacked the other guests at the prom. Especially Francis. Good I hated that guy.

Sorry had to unload there...


360walkaway t1_jb5iaka wrote

they're all gonna laugh at you!


lobsterboii02 t1_jb5solv wrote

Looks like someone couldn’t get a date


InsideJokesOnly t1_jb6m7ax wrote

I see we had similair prom nights. Great piece!


Old-Feature-5694 t1_jb8tnsc wrote

I see / feel pain, hurt, disappointment, humiliation, sadness... as well as Release, realization, acknowledgement, comfort, escape...
Very well done. And sorry also...


Mariajr12 t1_jbaacss wrote

Omg this is so cool Your painting is amazing 🤩 that texture…🙌🏻🔥