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diab3 t1_jb5xrvr wrote

I’m sorry Jon is still a thing?


bc4284 t1_jb6ofz6 wrote

It will remain a thing forever and always. The strangeness only twists into new forms. Points towards Gilbert Garfield


Darkstalkker t1_jb9ra58 wrote

Gilbert Garfield?


bc4284 t1_jbbduf5 wrote

It’s hard to explain but someone created an arg that starts as someone discovering a lost media tape of an episode of a Garfield and friends show but with Gilbert gotfried voicing Garfield and where Garfield is like a weird Gilbert gotfried Garfield amalgamation called Gilbert Garfield. Though the episode has a lot of very strange violence and imagery. Gilbert constantly is speaking in tangential rambling stand up routine talk. The closest discription of the cartoon that is made for the arg is imagine an episode of Garfield and friends but distorted as some Gilbert gotfried themed fever dream version of an aristocrats joke.

the entire theme of the media parts of the arg comes Off with a tone like the weird twisted parts of lasagna cat, combined with a what if adult swim was around when Garfield and friends was being made and was Going through that really experimental phase they had when 12 ounce mouse perfect hair forever and Xavier renegade angel were being made where half of the new stuff made by them just made you ask what the hell am I watching.

Pagan valley, and goose boose both have done videos about the arg (still an ongoing arc) which was how I was introduced to it. And the media content of the cartoon is weird and twisted and just stupid the actual arg itself gets even more twisted in a different way. Involving cloning, Italian ilumanati with Egyptian themes, and at one point a conspiracy YouTuber obsessed with family guy and McDonald’s.

It’s a ride and a half If I had to describe Gilbert Garfield in two words I’d say……

BakEd ZiTi


CinnamonSniffer t1_jb83s70 wrote

This was drawn, according to the watermark,

Take a breath,

4 years ago, so it was more relevant,

Take a breath,

Back then


Emphaticrise t1_jb5sno2 wrote

The FUCK is that?!?


adube440 t1_jb5y4rx wrote

I'll give you a hint, he loooooves coffee and hates Mondays!


ErikJR t1_jb6tsig wrote

It's a gazorpazordfield you dumb, stupid, weak, pathetic, white, piece of human garbage


very_lucid OP t1_jb6q3qz wrote

Excerpt from "The forgiveness of Jon" by Rojom

Met by Saint Jon The Archangel in the writhing pits of hell, the beast was pinned, prone on the floor. He had taken many forms throughout the ages. From the creator of man to the far reaches of the universe, his perpetual reincarnations reigned throughout space and time… until now. His form was weak, the opposition strong. The time for atonement had finally come.

Battered, torn, exposed, the beast slacked his gaping maw.

"I'm sorry, Jon" he whispered.

The archangel raised his flaming blade.

"You are forgiven, Garfield"

And the beast exhaled his last"


LilStrug t1_jb69gay wrote

The Backrooms and I'm Sorry Jon need to converge


mlvisby t1_jb6x0mf wrote

If your cat ends up looking like this, you hire the strongest people you know to kill it immediately.


MisterZoga t1_jb794t9 wrote



AttemptSSB t1_jb7po2w wrote

The penance must be paid.

Bring forth the layered pasta dish.


Harry_Flowers t1_jb7ruff wrote

Garfield the Omen Killer part of Elden Ring’s new DLC


espeonguy t1_jb84dtu wrote

Can't wait to see Attack on Titan animate this panel!!


ellechellemybell1969 t1_jb87614 wrote

Fantastic artwork! I have NEVER heard of this. I am checking it out after I finish posting this. Thank you for introducing it to me!


SleepingM00n t1_jb8b08d wrote

reminds me of a classmate I sat next to sometimes, back in Rancho Cordova.. late 90s. always drew this stuff and I cheered him on. my name is John, which is the weird part


TimedRevolver t1_jb8q5a9 wrote

Why does Eldritch Horror Garfield look happier than his usual version?


Donitos2 t1_jba8u3o wrote

Thanks i hate it.


alotabit t1_jb82tdg wrote

Greedy capitalism


obaananana t1_jb60h0g wrote

Wheres the italian food?


DapperCam t1_jb67s96 wrote

Jon is obviously holding up a pan of lasagna as a tribute


x925 t1_jb74874 wrote

That pan might be enough to stimulate one of his taste buds, but what about the rest?