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cjschnyder t1_isbfola wrote

I also hate when people leave the door to my room open


CowMetrics t1_iscaify wrote

Haha this is my thought, the shadow man just looks exasperated that he has to yet again close the door. The horror is the vast number of people going through life without regard to anyone else


Hephaestus_God t1_iscz4l1 wrote

Who’s this woman that keeps coming in every night and bothering my sleep.


Waffletimewarp t1_isd1nr2 wrote

Eventually it’s going to result in the shadow person stomping up the stairs, turning on the hall light, and slamming open her door while screaming “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!” In deep speech.


Mikoyan-Gurevich t1_isbjbsj wrote

shadowman likes to take a tumble


DMC1001 t1_isbubjs wrote

Mine just liked the closet in my bedroom. Specifically the one on the right.


misternuttall t1_isbskmi wrote

Honestly at this point in my life, I relate most to the demon in the washer. Nobody asked you to stop by and you left the door open on your way out. Rude.


Maithius t1_isc4ecb wrote

Help me Step-Shadow Brother, I'm stuck...


noisypeach t1_iscnwap wrote

This shadow dude is what keeps women stuck in the machine


Jeffo4321 t1_isbqzgj wrote

Bro’s got the top tier hide and seek spot


HmmSinkSo t1_iscd0k0 wrote

When I was a kid our washing machine and dryer were under the stairs. My brother once managed to climb between them and hide behind the washing machine, even when I gave up and told him to call out, I couldn't find him, mostly because I just couldn't believe anyone could fit in that space so couldn't imagine it being a hiding spot.


Painting_Agency t1_isdey1f wrote

I was going to joke that your brother was like that stretchy guy from the X-files. But then I realized there's a good chance that episode aired before you were even born.


HmmSinkSo t1_isdyrxn wrote

I am older than The X-Files, but also we have these magical things called recordings, so we can actually watch things after they were aired on TV!


Painting_Agency t1_ise95md wrote

True... I just don't know if younger people did watch the X-files. I mean, I never watched "Kolchak the Night Stalker" 🤷‍♂️


HmmSinkSo t1_ise96uy wrote

X-Files is pretty popular and well known.


Ponceludonmalavoix t1_isbtq74 wrote


Lore: Slendermans brother in law. He's always the worst at Thanksgiving, but what is Slenderman to do? Not invite him? Oh the drama that would cause with the fam...


edropus t1_iscs4lv wrote

Wait til his daugther brings her Babadook boyfriend...


13thFleet t1_isc13p5 wrote

Lmao poor shadow dryer guy just wants to be left alone. Look at his face!


MarcusofMenace t1_isce11n wrote

"can't get any fucking sleep in my own dryer. This bitch randomly opens the door to my own home, throws some soggy ass second hand clothes at me and makes my entire room spin for hours on end. Then the skank has the nerve to take out her shitty knock off lingerie and leave the door open like she's spent her whole life living in a barn."


RagnarokAeon t1_isceurp wrote

I mean, you just gotta make do when you're a squatter. I'm pretty sure he's not paying taxes on the location that he's chilling in her property.


KJS123 t1_isbtown wrote

Read Stephen King's 'The Boogeyman' if you want a short story with this vibe


sparkinx t1_isbz9e4 wrote

When I started reading this comic I thought this was the reason why so many women got stuck inside their Washers.....


skippyspk t1_iscfoef wrote

If Shadowman keeps closing the door he’s going to become Mildewman and then Moldyman


Sonte16 t1_iscgjv0 wrote

So it’s the shadow man who keep getting them stepsisters stuck in those laundry machine.


aSmallCanOfBeans t1_isd627n wrote

Real note: do not leave your washer or dryer doors open. Your pets or other small critters could get inside and if you don't notice them in there during your next load you WILL kill them. It sounds ridiculous but every single day someones pet is killed by a washer or dryer.

Source: I work on a farm and am friends with many vets


hayme212 t1_isdysaz wrote

How do you think the clothes get dry? It's not much but it's honest work.


Baggytrousers27 t1_ise9w2n wrote

Shadowperson sucking the moisture out of your washing for sustenance. Symbiosis at its finest.


GhostRappa95 t1_isc1gwx wrote

I love the concept of demons and monsters just vibing in peoples homes.


SupaKoopa714 t1_iscjms5 wrote

I hate when I go to wash my zentai/morphsuit and it gains sentience.


everbane37 t1_iscnnf3 wrote

I imagine the shadow sticking it’s head out before vomiting shadows due to spinning at high speed 🤣


whatthemoondid t1_iscp6xq wrote

Oh is he the son of a bitch that steals my socks?


Tubamaphone t1_iscsv4t wrote

I love the color pallet. Minimal but with a specific aesthetic.


dinis553 t1_isd5iwr wrote

Idk bro just wants to chill in peace and silence. I can respect that.


on_ t1_isc3zoi wrote

So is him in or out


Eyouser t1_iscbg9t wrote

Reminds me of ‘No One Gets Out Alive’


GrizzlyBear74 t1_isd676f wrote

I think it's the same asshole who steals only one of every pair of socks when I wash it.


popesinbengal t1_isd67hc wrote

Not bad at all. Got more to share?


TrapLordEsskeetit t1_isd6x8l wrote

Reminds me about the short story of a man breaking in and hiding in a dryer until everyone was asleep.😱


KickBassColonyDrop t1_isd8zip wrote

What's the real horror? The shadow man closed the door or the shadow man got out and closed the door with the implication.?


Mrrandom314159 t1_isdjc4u wrote

They might be an eldritch beast untethered from spacetime, but they still have to pay rent if they live in my house.


Littlebro83 t1_isdlcxt wrote

Thanks for reminding me of that.


Fhistleb t1_isdzupi wrote

You know what, dude probably takes the lint out. He's probably a cool dude.


Captain_skulls t1_ise2mui wrote

With how expensive living somewhere is getting, that guy might have the right idea.


Damneasy t1_iseh2az wrote

Step-shadow I'm stuck


mark_suckerballs t1_isev0w9 wrote

I love the Idea, a slender Shadow washing my laundry.


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_isf99r0 wrote

When you live as a hermit but mom keeps intruding and leaving doors open…


tangcameo t1_isfe5sy wrote

This is what happens when you don’t sacrifice a sock to seal the pinhole wormholes into the other dimension caused by a particular mixture of dryer lint and static cling! Simple quantum dimensional mechanics, people!


Spooky_Proofreader t1_isfl4hu wrote

All I can think is that the shadow demon is the one responsible for all those missing socks.