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Sungref_- OP t1_ish7atb wrote

Scene from the movie "The empty man" recreated in Blender.


50-Lucky t1_ishp92p wrote

What did you think of the movie, it was really long but we never really saw any more of that 7 fingered giant skeleton guy, right?


Videowulff t1_isht83b wrote

I loved it. Very otherworldly, twisted, and just a constant sense of wrongness.


50-Lucky t1_ishzdus wrote

Yeah I'm not too proud that even in hindsight I'm certain I missed about half of what it was trying to show me, but for what I was following it had that very gripping "detextive" feeling on me where I would see the next thing and my theories went 📉, and I'm just uttering quietly ^^"what ^^the ^^fuuuuuuuuuu"

It was unnerving because of the questions I was asking myself, how deep does this go? What do they want? Is it real? Is it really real or just real? Is he in it already? Wait, who can he trust? Wtf is going on?

Wrongness is a good word. Anything in particular you recall having liked significantly from the movie?


Videowulff t1_isi2sie wrote

I liked how everything felt BIGGER than what was going on. Like there were layers upon layers of that wrongness. Every time we think its something simple like a cult, we discover the next layer of a higher power in charge of everything.

It was almost lovecraftian with the sense of this otherworldly essence controlling this man's fate...


50-Lucky t1_isi684b wrote

Yeah that's how I felt, like a practice or religion that has always been, as in, always.


Sungref_- OP t1_ishu0t8 wrote

I like it! They hit you with the creature right away and that cascade that uneasy feeling to everything that happens after, like some Lovecraftian madness and mystery.


50-Lucky t1_ishzyea wrote

Also with the creature it was unnerving how at first glance it's a skele, ok great it's a mountain, but then its positioning is weird, dead people on mountains dont sit up like that, also is it me or really big? Oh man it is big, wait... is it human? Yes? Wait.. no. No? Wtf is that thing? Do people visit here? Is it a shrine or just some alien miracle preserved and never found?

It was a "get out of there right now bro" scene, despite no clear danger.


barbarkbarkov t1_isickwp wrote

It has my favourite horror movie scene of all time. The one involving a cabin. I loved the movie. It’s unapologetically itself and there’s really nothing quite like it. It’s not perfect in the slightest but I love it.


50-Lucky t1_isictlm wrote

Could you link to the scene in the cabin? I dont recall. Do you mean at the start?


NavyJack t1_isiiaxe wrote

Prolly means the one where the protagonist watches the video on the computer, shortly before being chased through the woods by the cultists


PolarWater t1_isjrrx8 wrote

stares at campers

"Yeah, nope."

turns and fucking runs


derpferd t1_isizr0z wrote

I loved it. It felt kinda slightly sorta like if David Fincher directed Jacob's Ladder.

It has the Fincher style and sense of deliberateness about it (and apparently the director did some behind the scenes work with Fincher so not surprising I guess).

But yeah, a noirish story about a detective on a case that becomes very personal for him is very Jacob's Ladder or Angel Heart and I love that shit


PolarWater t1_isjrpd6 wrote

I feel like I didn't at all love the last fifteen minutes, but for what it's worth, I went on a fun, original, atmospheric, fascinating Lovecraftian ride.


hopesksefall t1_iskj8vh wrote

You see it again very briefly and in flashes. Lots of tentacles versus a full-on arms.


50-Lucky t1_ishpgt4 wrote

Btw Also

^^^"if ^^^you ^^^touch ^^^me ^^^you'll ^^^die"


Prest1geW0rldW1de t1_ishu7xl wrote

That movie was so much better than people give it credit for. Extremely well made and just…cool. Love the main character too.


TheJermster t1_isjw8ky wrote

I agree. I'm not sure why it gets so much hate. I really enjoyed it, seen it 3 times


DRAGAN__ t1_ishaxa0 wrote

Just like me fr fr


Konkeydong9984 t1_ishvqzf wrote

Great work for an incredibly underrated cosmic horror film


VestInSummer t1_ishh2kz wrote

I like it! But it looks like hes scrolling reddit on his phone ngl


baby_all_might t1_isj66ba wrote

Hes cool, he needs a name and he looks like a dave for some reason :)


MjauDuuude t1_isj8tm1 wrote

At first it was blurred so I only saw a black square and was like "well yeah, that's really empty" 😂 Great work


llnec t1_isjd7di wrote

If someone sent me this picture with the caption "new covenant found in the tomb of giants in dark souls" i would believe it.


HellexJ t1_isjgu84 wrote

He lowkey schlangin


Lev1_0sa t1_isjmtmr wrote

Dark souls four looking fire


n80thegr80 t1_isjtlr5 wrote

Literally just watched it for a second time like three days ago. Such an underrated horror flick, really gets you thinking after you watch it.


lootcaker t1_isifpez wrote

Surprised he cant find a girl with fingers like that


Tewddit t1_isjr2x6 wrote

Looks like a dude who has an unreasonably huge dungeon on Hell difficulty


Falokut t1_isjwjqy wrote

Scary, I like it


E1invar t1_isk6rkp wrote

Now there’s some Yaoi hands


YesplzMm t1_iskknko wrote

That man can swim.


Element_Liga t1_isl856r wrote

How I felt after beating scorn


Jeevess83 t1_islhx94 wrote

Just watched it last night!!


Indigo162 t1_isli51v wrote

Been seeing a lot more love for this movie recently and a I'm glad. Very underrated.


HistorianDelicious t1_isnm11o wrote

I like that the main character was a tulpa. That was a twist I didn’t really see coming.