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EarthboundMisfit25 t1_isnzknr wrote



slacombe t1_iso21jm wrote

Wicked awesome!

Hope you don't mind, I made that my phones wallpaper.


[deleted] t1_ispd0lf wrote



moistiest_dangles t1_isrco0m wrote

I came here to see if somone had said it. But it looks like that's his style; he's been making this kind of art for a while now. It really does have that kind of ai look to it but this is also too coherent and precise imo


bobisz t1_isq3yiq wrote

ikr? I generated 4 images like this a couple of days ago.


sato-yuichi-8876 t1_isq80s5 wrote

FINALLY! One without the stretched open mouth. :)


Abysskitten t1_iso825k wrote

This is dope man.

How do you feel about Midjourney?

Have you tried it yet?


Danny_Ingrassia_Art OP t1_istjagh wrote

Thank you!

Yes I know him. Using it would be an offense to all my years of study!


Crowlavix t1_isoxvji wrote

Oooh this is insane, incredible piece!


NekoUrabe t1_isozhph wrote

This is so cool! I can totally imagine an animation being made around this


iBood17 t1_isp15ty wrote

Super nice!


bozeke t1_isp5vys wrote

I love this.


Th3D4rkLord t1_ispb177 wrote

Damn nice.

I love it. Very good for this month even tho we are not celebrating.


LordKaraka12 t1_ispbe96 wrote

Really great! This speaks to me


LegnderyNut t1_ispheta wrote

My wife on October 1st running to get Pumpkin spice coffee at 5am


Jeffo4321 t1_isponhz wrote

Me when I forget where I parked my car


OneTyler2Many t1_isppugf wrote

I love this. Really awesome job op


AllOfTheIsz t1_isq1zvx wrote

And you are my new October lock screen. Thanks so much!


betsy78 t1_isq96zj wrote

I love this. It almost has a peaceful feel to me which makes me question myself lol


tngangstagranny t1_isqb4lh wrote

I love this and I don't like scary things.

You did an amazing job on this.


Oneiric19 t1_isqhz0o wrote

Love it! Gives me Darkwood vibes


Elitenova45 t1_isqmq5m wrote

You’ve earned my follow!


every1poos t1_isqn8ut wrote

Woah! Love, love, LOVE this!!


BagofPain t1_isqpe6p wrote

You need to design a haunted house if you don’t already.


ItWouldBeGrand t1_isqsu62 wrote

So that’s what The Great Pumpkin looks like.


NeptuNeo t1_isqu22h wrote

I would love to see a whole movie animated in this style


NoUseForPants t1_isqzf0w wrote

I’d love seeing this as the monster in a reboot of Pumpkin Head. Classic movies there.


momtodavid t1_isr3q2x wrote

That's amazing! You are quite talented.


DarthRumbleBuns t1_isrssgv wrote

Every year I find some spooky reddit artwork to be my phone back ground for the fall. You won this year.


Succexy420 t1_isoq3jj wrote

This is cool, whats the medium?


wiseachoo t1_isrcjgc wrote

The ASCII character set.


Succexy420 t1_isrdw10 wrote

What is that? A computer software, like photoshop? I'm asking what materials they used to literally creative this project, not what movie, show, book, or game this might be referencing or be based off of. I wana know if this was painted, or done digitally and if so how


wiseachoo t1_isrgsgq wrote

My response was coyly answering your question. This art smells of AI by typing to win.


Succexy420 t1_isrllp8 wrote

My bad buddy. I quite literally had no idea. :)


Danny_Ingrassia_Art OP t1_istlkfc wrote

Insinuating that this is AI art, involving those who appreciate my work is nothing short of revolting.

Don't talk if you don't know what you're talking about.

You're just doing damage to my image.


wiseachoo t1_istp52n wrote

Sounds like I've hit a soft spot. If you'd like to refute my insinuation, why not just post progress pictures instead of getting defensive and that'll clear that concern right up then?


Danny_Ingrassia_Art OP t1_it43n8g wrote

If a robot started doing your job and many people thought that what you do was done by the robot, I think it would infuriate you too.

It is a weak point because now many like you push on these insinuations and put in a bad light many artists who in life have sacrificed a lot to get to this point.

And it's very easy for people like you to say a simple phrase like "he used an AI" without realizing the damage it can do.

Then just have a minimum of brain to differentiate a work done by AI and one done by an artist, but it is easier to insinuate for you.

Then, I don't have to prove anything to you, this is my job and if you are so curious just do a research on me and understand that I have been doing this job long before there was AI or anything like that.

But no, it's too hard for you.

You should just apologize, but even that is too hard for you.


Danny_Ingrassia_Art OP t1_istjmzx wrote

This is digital painting, the software I use the most is Photoshop.

This is not AI art.


Succexy420 t1_istuta6 wrote

Thats really cool! I love the texture you gave it. Makes it really look like it's on a canvas and I love that. Amazing work


principer t1_isorvyl wrote

Fantastic work. I really admire your skill.