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centrifuge_destroyer t1_itv7s4t wrote

Oh no! A heaven mimic


Slurms_McKensei t1_itvdidu wrote

[frantic DM-note-taking noises]


Wingmaster6 t1_itvhxug wrote

I just banish it


Slurms_McKensei t1_itvi4ys wrote

I dont think you quite understand the charisma score of AN ENTIRE RELIGIONS HEAVEN


Wingmaster6 t1_itvi863 wrote

I’m a 20th level bard


Slurms_McKensei t1_itvjxnu wrote

Then you don't have access to the spell banishment.


Wingmaster6 t1_itvkljx wrote

Absolutely do! Magical secrets babbbbby!


henney22 t1_itvuh9w wrote

What if the heaven mimic casts 20th level counter spell


Wingmaster6 t1_itvxbii wrote

The wizard will counterspell their counterspell


henney22 t1_itw53nv wrote

Damm can't argue that logic


Jayccob t1_itwdelf wrote

What if the heaven mimic can cast counterspell at will though? It could then return the favor to the wizard, potential causing the infamous counterspell feedback loop.

Would that count as a victory as long as there is always some person there to cast counterspell? I feel that would create a new religion where people become priests and make pilgrimages to this place to take up the holy duty of casting counterspell at the sky for like a week then rotate out.


TequilaWhiskey t1_itwypqc wrote

And then of course the counter cult claiming the old relegion is a false god and oh no were back in 40k


Phadryn t1_ity8d7g wrote

The mimic uses a legendary action to counterspell the wizards counterspell


Jarvoman t1_itwxvi3 wrote

Well the highest you can cast that is 9th but have the wizard counterspell their counterspell or you use your reaction to cancel their counterspell with your own counterspell if you prepped it.


A_Martian_Potato t1_ity2f1b wrote

Can you do that? That would imply taking a reaction within your own action.


Jarvoman t1_ity4s62 wrote

Yeah it was ruled you can counterspell a counterspell targeting you original spell casting in sage advice.


sh4d0wm4n2018 t1_ity8q4s wrote

And so it continues, that age old debate...


A_Martian_Potato t1_itzqqf8 wrote

Ah. I see this is well trodden ground. I've been playing ttrpgs for ages but my current campaign is the first time I've played DnD.


sh4d0wm4n2018 t1_iu1jqp5 wrote

It's been an argument for longer than I've been alive lol

The idea that you can cast two spells (main spell and counter spell) simultaneously without a feat baffles some people.

(Sometimes I feel like this is the main reason you are only allowed one reaction per round of combat.)


FaustusC t1_itwz713 wrote

No, but they can still seduce it. It's gotta have at least one hole.


Slurms_McKensei t1_itxtkha wrote

......are you sure you wanna do that?

You are NOT going to like how mimics procreate in my world.


Phaze357 t1_ity896e wrote

Last game I played, our DM had been working us up to this big battle with some ice giant thing. He would 3D print stuff to make it more immersive and paint the models. He'd printed this thing in multiple sections at 5% infill. It was between 1 and 2 feet tall. Painted it, looked pretty badass. One of us banished it before he could even have it attack us. He just sat there for a moment trying to figure out if he wanted to be mad or laugh at the fact that he'd spent weeks printing this thing only for it to get wiped out before even attacking us. To insult to injury he'd left it in his trunk after that and his girlfriend went to toss a backpack or something in there. He just heard a loud crunch. 5% infill is pretty weak. It was a goner.

I still laugh when I think about the situation. The "you've got to be fucking kidding me" look on his face was priceless.


buttbugle t1_itznp4b wrote

Doing that is a tad bit of a jerk way of playing. Yes a player can just banish the creature and end the fight right at the very beginning. Bravo. At least let the person that went through all the trouble of setting up the story get through their opening. They are playing too.


windingtime t1_itv6v9c wrote

That happened to my cousin.


ccReptilelord t1_itvx5c3 wrote

Your cousin was mistaken for heaven?


TheRealUlfric t1_itw2twg wrote

No, he just lives in Ohio.


clevelanders t1_ity8dle wrote

Ohio is heaven.


LoveFishSticks t1_iu07mce wrote

Man if you like Ohio you should check out any other place you'll really love that


clevelanders t1_iu0gquj wrote

Travelled and lived all over the world and weirdly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else right now


LoveFishSticks t1_iu0qyqm wrote

Fair enough. If you have good people around you that is what matters. I live in a crummy small town in Michigan but I love it


stan4928 t1_itwfolw wrote

You can't just say this and bail... explain!


windingtime t1_itwfu7a wrote

The thing from the post happened to my cousin


stan4928 t1_itwg6dh wrote

.... he thought he saw heaven and killed himself? That sounds very traumatic and If you don't wanna talk about it that's fine. But that's so interesting. How does this happen?


windingtime t1_itwge1x wrote

I was joking. This has never happened to anyone and the idea that it has is absurd.


ohgodspidersno t1_itwwquo wrote

This is like exactly what happened to every member of the Heavens Gate suicide cult when the Hale-Bopp comet came around.


Thealt5 t1_itxtkcg wrote

Yeah, I thought this was a pretty obvious Heavens Gate reference. I guess people are too young now and this isn't part of the public consciousness anymore.


stan4928 t1_itwgrdh wrote

Idk. I've heard some crazy stories. People doped up thinking they see things.


Scharmberg t1_itwtqcw wrote

What that happened to Carl like three times. Fucker just keeps coming back.


gasvia t1_itykc3p wrote

Tell that to my cousin who this happened to.


dben89x t1_itzdqth wrote

Reddit really baffles me sometimes. Not sure how you can get so heavily downvoted for explaining that something so nonsensical was a joke. It's like one person downvotes just for the fuck of it, and then the rest just fall in line because they want to be a included. There's no other explanation.


xannmax t1_itvjabg wrote

How can you be so sure the gods you pray to and worship care about you?

How can you know if they feel for your frailty? Your worship may just be supper.


Hephaestus_God t1_itvmevv wrote

If a god or big giant alien/holy temple thing tells you to kill yourself it’s a 100% chance they don’t care about you


ianosphere2 t1_itwzz75 wrote

Good thing it's only salty gamers on the internet telling me to kill myself.


Pizzaman725 t1_itvrixo wrote

Though suicide is something I am vehemently against. The only upside to something like this happening is a lot less idiots in the world, though the clean up would be annoying.


morderkaine t1_itxftea wrote

If the Rapture was real (and it was all believers) it would ironically become heaven on earth


PolarWater t1_ityvlx1 wrote

Or what if it's giant ants, like that Stephen King book which made me feel uncomfortable.


LoveFishSticks t1_iu0bf3i wrote

Yeah I mean if anything some kind of holy deity should be able to just have some kind of rapture event like in revelation where you don't have to actually kill yourself and are just magically called to divinity


Golden-Owl t1_itvsyhx wrote

Historically a lot of gods in many cultures just… don’t actually care. The Greek ones are particular famous for being callous to all their followers

Sacrifice, killing, worship, etc we’re moreso a means to appease the gods if possible for good harvest or whatever

The concept of a god that loves their followers is an exception to the rule


ccReptilelord t1_itvxeqd wrote

Understandable as gods were often the explanation for destructive forces of nature.


BraveTheWall t1_itzklsk wrote

You should see the Christian God. This guy created an entire plane of existence just to torture people he doesn't like. Greek gods wish they had that mafucka's ruthlessness.


TheSirusKing t1_itzr714 wrote

This is more a later interpretation of hell. Judaism didnt really have the idea, it was just the assumed misery of being dead and hated.


csspar t1_itwgubu wrote

People are always saying the Abrahamic god loves each and every one of us. But actions speak louder than words.


psibomber t1_itvl5j3 wrote

They deserve it for listening to that one guy telling them to cast their lives away, there clearly were a set of stairs + planes exist as well.


mikodz t1_itw4wj9 wrote

Nothing like a bunch of morons to fall for a pyramid scheme :P


-im_an_outcast- t1_itvn7ox wrote

Makes me think of an album cover from a band called Sepultura known as “Arise”


SheikahLorian t1_itwgc9m wrote

Whaat the fuck I wanna read the rest


1000eb4000 t1_itw19xl wrote

Gives me Berserk anime vibes


benmaks t1_itvsrxj wrote

The Black City


LozoSmif t1_itxy9t9 wrote

Scrolled too far... It's what I immediately thought of


Solid_Snaku t1_itwgepc wrote

it was a floating LA Fitness?


abbotist-posadist t1_itwlj8a wrote

this is one step above “John you are the demons”


ikcuts t1_itvnum7 wrote



Starkillerlives t1_itwj2fg wrote

Getting massive Cult of the Lamb vibes from this.


Aeokikit t1_itwkpqy wrote

This seems like it could be an Elder Scrolls story. One of the daedric princes would pull a stunt like this


Turdfox t1_itxeyuv wrote

Someone watched futurama


yourguidefortheday t1_itzf1yv wrote

This reminds me exactly of a conversation I had once where a religious friend asked me "what if you COULD literally see God? Then would you believe?" And my answer was something along the lines of "what exactly would I be seeing? A big bearded man in the sky? Even if I had assurances that I wasn't hallucinating, I would assume it's some sort of elaborate trap set by some hostile force or alien species to take advantage of humanities proclivity for faith."


Magnum_Snub t1_itw18ze wrote

Kind of like a lot of churches. Looks great from the outside until you go in and realize that it’s just full of dead people living dead lives. Though the church calls itself the body of Christ, there is no Christ to be found in it or in anyone there.

At least those are the thoughts this brings to mind.


GenericOnlineName OP t1_ity93b0 wrote

What, haha, this isn't any sort of metaphor about religion. Haha, that's crazy. Totally a coincidence. Yup!


Magnum_Snub t1_itzwu8c wrote

Damn, and here I was thinking I had come up with such a profound insight that no one else would ever think of.


mammalianmindmeld t1_itwostv wrote

There's a lot of veneer inside churches, and I'm not talking about just the wood, either.


dickallcocksofandros t1_itw7tjv wrote

they should make a horror movie thats kinda about this comic and its just an allegorical commentary about money-hungry evangelical preachers who scam their congregations


CaseyTS t1_itwnprb wrote

Yeah, even at the highest levels. The catholic church's moral righteousness is a veneer in front of millenia of persecution and imperialism done by many theocracies in the name of that religion.


Lost_Way7698 t1_itwajko wrote

That's actually more believable


onioncity t1_itwvizz wrote

That pointing guy in the right panel is a little awkward- his finger draws a straight line up his face and into that woman's armpit


balvira t1_itwyhey wrote

Nioce, the ego will be the death.. of most.


mossytreeroots t1_itx1nig wrote

I imagined a lot of scenarios like this before


Tsunami45chan t1_itxaq8u wrote

Mob psycho 100 season 3 epsisode 4 in a nutshell (except for the dying part).


Sea-Cpt_1992 t1_itxdq5k wrote

reminds me of the new hellraiser movie


Brainkandle t1_itxmd6c wrote

This is awesome! Reminds me a tiny bit of NOPE and the Star lasso experience


Calico_Cuttlefish t1_itxnbu0 wrote

How to make the world a better place in a few steps.


Torisian t1_itxu8px wrote

It was Bill Siphon


cesly1987 t1_itxugkm wrote

I need more lore on this!!


TylertheDank t1_ity2ta3 wrote

I had a similar idea for a story


cindybubbles t1_ity46ca wrote

We had something like that IRL. The cult called itself Heaven’s Gate.


WeirdCreeper t1_ity4cnn wrote

With the amount of people dying I'd actually be glad to stay here finally some houses for sale!


Sefirosukuraudo t1_ityo7z9 wrote

They may not like it, but this is what peak Nirvana looks like.


stands_on_top t1_ityq0pk wrote

I read the title as "The Egg Siphon" and got confused!


Tycitron t1_ityrakt wrote



MysticalMike1990 t1_itz2t0e wrote

Pyramid shapes are weird because on one side it can be viewed as a representation of a hierarchical power structure, but to the uninitiated it looks like a path leading perpetually forward.


hussiesucks t1_itzcexz wrote

I would simply choose not to die.


Phazing_Hornet t1_itzkqtu wrote

I think I just found the best thing ever


StupidMario64 t1_ity8d3p wrote

If you think about it, lucifer is the good guy. He knows we'll sin, that we're flawed, and expects us to. He doesnt.. encourage it per se, but god is all about law and rules yet gives us free will?


kungfubellydancer t1_itw0ke2 wrote

This is pretty cool! It actually kinda shows end time prophecies according to Muslims, that Antichrist (the one eyed deceiver) would come and show people heaven which was hell and hell which was heaven.