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moskvausa t1_iwxp52g wrote

This is the first piece of art I have seen that truly depicts how conscientious people see themselves. Lots of good people see themselves that way. One does not have to be evil to see the guilt they feel. This seems to depict that.


BatteryAcid67 t1_iwxqt03 wrote

It's also how narcissists never look at themselves


xdelfinyx t1_iwxts3o wrote

But she's holding her face out in what looks like an attempt to do so, it's just that she's not equipped to?


TaikaJamppa t1_iwyul55 wrote

I thought she was looking at a handheld mirror!


Blackanditi t1_iwzrak0 wrote

Totally can see that, as well as the previous comments' take. It's cool how art can be speak to people in different ways.

Also I think that people sometimes have issues with seeing themselves in a much worse light than they are. Which can actually cause them to see others in a worse light. And cause more issues with their happiness and relationships.

To me this more feels like that. The healthy alternative would be they look in a mirror and see themselves more authentically. Maybe without makeup as opposed to a medusa like beast.

We sometimes see ourselves as snakes or demons when we're really just human. If we saw ourselves and others as just human, rather than snakes or evil, then I think that's the more ideal place to be at where we can really treat ourselves and others with more kindness.


nitramlondon t1_ix06shu wrote

This is my take and the girl in the painting resembles my whore of an ex.


mahtaliel t1_iwydydr wrote

As an autistic person who was diagnosed as an adult and spent my entire childhood learning to force my autism inside a mask, this is how i see myself. Sometimes, the mask slips and i show people who i really am. And that usually makes them leave. Which is understandable because being bitten by 20 snakes at the same time probably isn't pleasant for them either.


maxman87 t1_iwx3ocy wrote

A painting of my ex-girlfriend!


Tszemix t1_iwyehbo wrote

Your current wife/gf is someones ex


9lynx5 t1_ix02wqz wrote

Doesn't have to be


Tszemix t1_ix06vmp wrote

Very unlikely


9lynx5 t1_ix09y6q wrote

Your reply is the definitive one, not mine. But thanks for agreeing with me and defeating the point you yourself made


Tszemix t1_ix2pcdd wrote

I was being colloquial, do you have Aspergers?


9lynx5 t1_ix355qu wrote

What an insensitive leap.. yikes


Tinystalker t1_iwx80ie wrote

Ants In My Eyes Johnson's daughter, Snakes In My Face Susie


nexusj13 t1_iwx93ws wrote

I am a Shadow, the true self.


generikyo t1_iwx5tak wrote

This is awesome, where do you guys find this art ?


Wyvernator1 t1_iwx7csh wrote

You might wanna go to a doctor


CrazyPerson88 t1_iwy9joy wrote

Mental illness.

Perfectly described in a picture.


shuckster t1_ix0ji95 wrote

More like “the human condition” described in a picture.


Viltris t1_iwwofdy wrote

Is it weird that I actually think she's kinda cute?


sprintbooks t1_iwytf13 wrote

For me, that’s the point. Outwardly, she is pretty, but within she is viperous (or some kind of bad person). She wears her face like a mask so no one knows what she’s really like.


osym t1_iwxdjp6 wrote



jaysun92 t1_iwxpw1l wrote

I read that as Adrian Brody at first, was confused.


xaina222 t1_iwy1d6z wrote

Thats still like facing your fake self no ?

Anyway beautiful art.


wolftamer9 t1_iwy1nt8 wrote

The snakes are her friends, they're having a nice conversation


XarahTheDestroyer t1_iwy6uq5 wrote

I don't know what it is exactly about this painting, but it really affects me. I keep looking at it, and it makes me feel sort of sad and uncomfortable. It's really a great piece


Arretetonchar t1_iwym8n0 wrote

Was wondering what that french baguette was about


Ryogathelost t1_iwzg81i wrote

I knew a person who figuratively looked like this. Lots of work.


alienalgen94 t1_iwzoh7v wrote

Her forearm looks like my cock


fja3omega t1_iwzyh9x wrote

Maam you have something on your face. Just a little bit over there and over there and over there and over there and over there...


Had_and_company_fr t1_ixid5ej wrote

Oh now i know where do mean people get their Venom imao , but very beautiful i love it ♥️✨


Jaffer0x t1_iwxqm33 wrote

This reminds me of my ex


Foxsayy t1_iwyga33 wrote

Are all women full of snakes or just this one?

Edit: I meant literal snakes. Like a NoSleep story.


Magnum_Snub t1_iwwu5tt wrote

The face of a beautiful woman is one of the most devastating clandestine weapons in history.


Foxsayy t1_iwyget9 wrote

My god, if we can just make imitations of her face, it will revolutionize the art of war.