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Charon2393 t1_ix5l0b2 wrote

Supposedly their all mushroom under the armor but no real way to know for sure.


alamirguru t1_ix5pa7g wrote

They have a human modelled face so nah. They are regular humans , slowly rotting away.


Morewokethanur t1_ix76053 wrote

The modeled face could be mushroomized remains so nah.


alamirguru t1_ix76pfd wrote

Except... It isn't. So nah.


mastershell55 t1_ixc1wi7 wrote

you good?


alamirguru t1_ixdrfic wrote

Very much so. The downvoters clearly aren't :^)


mastershell55 t1_ixdrpr5 wrote

Rise and shine Mr.Freeman, rise and shine... Not that I wish to imply that you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... Well... Lets just say your hour has come again. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up Mr. Freeman. Wake up and... Smell the ashes.


Superdave532 t1_ix5qbeb wrote

Check out a video by zullie the witch on YouTube, she made a cool one a few days ago breaking down this character model. Super interesting


Flussflosspferd t1_ix6bnfc wrote

I just noticed that the infestation art style is similar to the rot in Miyazaki's film, 'Princess Mononoke'.


Slappio16 t1_ix6xqk3 wrote

Funnily enough their boss Malenia takes some pretty obvious inspiration from another Ghibli movie. She's a redhead warrior princess with three golden prosthetic limbs, which also describes Kushana from Nausicaa.


CactusCracktus t1_ix6beeq wrote

I always loved these guys because they were so badass and I thought their armor was so elegant, but then I noticed whenever they’re not fighting or patrolling they can barely stand up and they constantly puke their liquified guts up and it made me sad :(


WeaknessLonely9676 t1_ix5jpki wrote

Now that is lit.


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix616kh wrote

Thank you!!


WeaknessLonely9676 t1_ix8tv2m wrote

Do u plan on making graphic novels


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix9254m wrote

I would love to. I’m thinking to doing one which emphasises for lengthy texts and bigger more detailed pictures.


Gdokim t1_ix7k7aj wrote

Rot Knight looking like my wisdom tooth (I'll be removing in January).


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix7kibt wrote

I’ve been there bro, good luck


Gdokim t1_ix7us8f wrote

Thank you and glad you're okay now painful tooth sucks


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix7v44r wrote

I had two abscesses at the same time due to wisdom teeth - worst time of my life


Gdokim t1_ixc0uzg wrote

Did it hurt afterward when you pulled them out? And 2?! Omg, I'm sorry you went through that ordeal did you have to take antibiotics? If it's any consolation, from December of last year all the way til June of this year, I had gallstones, and let me tell you the worse pain ever even worse than a toothache. I had my gallbladder removed at the end of June.


Pneuma93 t1_ix7ncr4 wrote

Phenomenal work, tan paper and pen but what coloring?


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix7qdex wrote

Yep. And then the colouring is scanned in and done on photoshop with just the basic brushes


Pneuma93 t1_ix7rlcg wrote

This is very good to know, thanks for the education! I absolutely love how you did this


JustifytheMean t1_ix6f0ic wrote

I thought they were all infested that was the point.


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix7j9iy wrote

Well yeah they are, but not visibly. I tried to make it disgustingly obvious.


zen1706 t1_ix9h2mw wrote

Uh pretty sure that’s Notorious BIG


OJ_Designs OP t1_ix9ii4s wrote

Finally someone who sees the hidden message