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Gowlman t1_ixfkpak wrote

The black cauldron. 1985.


IsItUnderrated t1_ixi8fjf wrote

The Book of Three, 1964*


LynxBartle t1_ixlc6gh wrote

Wait what?


IsItUnderrated t1_ixmxgbz wrote

You think Disney just came up with The Black Cauldron?


LynxBartle t1_ixmy3qz wrote

Not in the least, I've just never heard of the other film

Edit: it is a book series not a movie, that's why I haven't heard of it. Added to my reading list!


journey-point t1_ixgbsa7 wrote

His undead army scared the loving shit out of me as a child. Gurgi was annoying but actually made the movie goofy enough to keep it from just being straight up terrifying. The Prydain series is the material Disney should be remaking.


Nymeriasrevenge t1_ixgfcgu wrote

100000000% agree. Honestly, the only Disney remake I would ever want.

I just went down the rabbit hole, and forgot Don Bluth was supposed to work on the original but that’s when he split. Apparently Disney reclaimed the rights for The Prydain Chronicles back in 2016…we’re waiting.


jl_theprofessor t1_ixglbox wrote

Nobody wants to do fairy tales in Hollywood. They'd try to make it a fantasy epic like the LotR trilogy and lose some of the simpler charms of the stories. With that said, there's absolutely great material in the Chronicles of Prydain and Taran's journey from boy to man absolutely should be translated into a good work some day.


captfaramir t1_ixgc4eb wrote

Looks like Malakai Black


ElPapaDiablo t1_ixh4k6f wrote

Welcome to the house of Black


AngelOvTeOdd t1_ixg5sse wrote

Could just be the shrooms talking but that is BADASS (in my best Torgue voice)


Phalaeris t1_ixh1ap8 wrote

It remind me of the beast from Over the garden wall


dr3dg3 t1_ixhao2b wrote

That was also my first impression!


SuspiciousBadger t1_ixgnj5h wrote

Oh that is so cool. If not for the dotted pattern I'd have no idea this is digital.


BillyBobBanana t1_ixgs46p wrote

I love the aesthetic of your work! Very, very cool!


YukihiraDecim t1_ixgth8k wrote

your art style is immaculate, love this sm!!!


tone88988 t1_ixh2kk4 wrote

Yuh know when I was scrolling and saw the title before the picture I legit thought it was gonna be Stephen King with horns. This is really sick though. You got skills for days.


_isaidiwasawizard_ t1_ixiaau2 wrote

For a second I thought he was offering me hot chocolate


DasRainbird t1_ixilvtc wrote

Nice to meet you, Me. I'm DasRainbird.


grad1939 t1_ixj5soh wrote

"I assume you are the keeper of this oracular pig, boy?"


Neumero t1_ixowop6 wrote

Is that something related to wendigo or vendigo