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Sidaris t1_iyj88ru wrote

A little like Tim Burton's style at least with the circles around/sunken eyes.

Based on the Krampus (2015 film)? Or just the mythos of the folklore?


harleyqueenzel t1_iyjh2iv wrote

Reminds me of when Max realized that he was given back the bell at the end of Krampus. Love this.


Sweetragnarok t1_iyjyohq wrote

This gives me Invader Zim vibes. God I miss that show


sw04ca t1_iyjly77 wrote

Has that old Jhonen Vasquez feel to it.


No-Force5341 t1_iyjh78f wrote

I really like this style of art. Nice work


[deleted] t1_iyjju5j wrote

You have an incredible gift, thanks for sharing.


JonaJonaL t1_iyk04nt wrote

The fact that the stuff dripping off the bell isn't blood disturbs me more than if it were...


CalamitousD t1_iyk1rco wrote

Love the style. Very Burton/Vasquez esque. 🖤💚


njc121 t1_iyjtoer wrote

He's a slick one, Mr. Grinch


serwiseguy t1_iyjyi5g wrote

Well done! I love the style


Sanctimonius t1_iyjt8g0 wrote

Great art style, great picture


nate1235 t1_iyjwhvi wrote

I love this. I've felt this notion my entire life and this art depicts it extremely well. The holiday season is full of slime and people posing doing good, but behind the facade there's a ton of evil.


Got2Go t1_iyjwsfe wrote

The white fur around his sleeve looks like those little S's we all drew in elementary school


MayhemCha0s t1_iyl7efl wrote

Christmas in retail be like


DJ_Spark_Shot t1_iyks7j3 wrote

Reminds me of Johnnen Vasquez works like JTHM.


Monimello t1_iyky16v wrote

Really catchin a vibe here


mavman42 t1_iyl2t0d wrote

Polar Express vibes


MaYoNnAiSe_MaN_mE t1_iyl3iv5 wrote

Dog what kinda polar express you watch


ComprehensiveCan3078 t1_iyllcuu wrote

they have the whole bell schtick in it , like if you hear the bells you're still have a pure / child's mind or some shit. idk i can't remember lol


MindlessVegetation t1_iyllxkl wrote

Undead Santa helpfully providing ...Decorations? Very considerate Zombie Claus.


M3TALxSLUG t1_iylm86p wrote

This reminds me of the Love. Death. Robots. Christmas episode. Watched it on Christmas Eve last year with my kids.


kavOclock t1_iym1jj1 wrote

The bell looks like the galaxy in a trinket from the first men in black, after Tommy lee Jones gets eaten by the giant roach to get his gun back


SirThane t1_iymhfak wrote

The mans like 👁️👄👁️, but disgusted


chacha_marie t1_iyn15xh wrote

You guys are terrible, clearly Rudolph had choked on the bell after chewing on his harness (again) and Santa (after removing said bell) was just trying to give this very insomnia ridden person the bell for a second so that he may go check back on Rudolph. Obviously the insomnia ridden person (who also may be grossed out by the exchange he just saw between Rudolph and Santa) just happens to be at the right place right time for this exchange to occur. My guess is on their rooftop on Christmas Eve because they couldn’t sleep and we’re trying to get some fresh air.


Asleep_Writing_8034 t1_iypribc wrote

Don’t ever take things from strangers is all I can learn from this. Other than that I love the Tim Burton art style.