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Aethelingas22 t1_iz0z7ba wrote

Wednesday Addams herself would approve!


Kriss3d t1_iz1uzo9 wrote

You know.. I bet she would.

My youngest daughter have watched some of the episodes. She love it. I love that the wensday from the 1990 movies - Christina ricci, is in this series. Great camero.


Steve_78_OH t1_iz2fs5m wrote

A cameo is a bit part, and Christina's part in Wednesday was anything but a bit part.


Vandaleyez t1_iz2g18j wrote

30 years of positive thinking and education have manifested herself into a mint condition, 1967 RS Camaro. CA-MA-RO!


Deftallica t1_iz2ftpz wrote

“It’s absolutely grotesque. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever seen.”


SideWinder18 t1_iz1i8r3 wrote

I can always tell when it’s Danny just be the mouth


thewaveishere25 t1_iz2clbp wrote

I’ve really come full circle from “come on, do something different” to “hey, it’s the gapemeister!”


Sawses t1_iz1ku4c wrote

Ordinarily I'd go ":( )".

This time...It fits and looks visually distinct from the usual gaping mouth I see on here. Well done! I'd recommend adding a little wear and tear to the buttons, to match the raggedness of her collar.


vango911 t1_iz24svx wrote

This looks exactly like one of my sleep paralysis demons. Only diffrence is that mine wore a hosptial gown.

Full story if anyone is interested: was in a dream and running away from somthing (don't remeber what) and then thought to myself this is just a dream, I can just fly away from this. I then fucked up somehow and woke up with sleep paralysis somthing that regularly happens to me so was not to phased. But then I hear whispering. I look at mu bedroom floor and this bitch is sitting there with her back to me playing with her hands, whispering and rocking backwards and forwards. She then turns around and starts pointing behind me and whispering louder. I refused to look to my right for fear of what she could be pointing at. I shut my eyes for 5-10 seconds and she was gone. I then used my breathing method to break out of the paralysis and didn't go back to sleep for the rest of the night.


MostSir7015 t1_iz6gdew wrote

I have had just about the exact same thing happen to me, expect for she did not speak, nor was she facing away from me. Rather, she was on the edge of bed just starring at me and just as you said, pointing behind me. I felt as if I was going to have a panic attack and practically forced myself to close my eye. Then she disappeared. I see her in dreams sometimes.


vango911 t1_iz6k3dq wrote

That's crazy! I have just seen her once thank god. When she shows up in your dreams is it a similar situation?


MostSir7015 t1_j00o3x5 wrote

Usually the same. She is always starring, but her positioning changes within my room/apartment.


deloreaninatardis t1_iz1llqj wrote

Wednesday, but she needs to eat a reeeeeally tall burger in front of her


Nobuu37 t1_iz3213q wrote

Now do the dance


Verona_Pixie t1_iz1ak3d wrote

This sort of reminded me of those super old books, I think they were called "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark".


Raven_stxy t1_iz0x4k4 wrote

Whoever did this hats off. Keep um coming


LonelyBugbear359 t1_iz3fdj8 wrote

Lol careful what you wish for. This guy has done dozens of pieces, many of which feature that distinctive mouth.


Kriss3d t1_iz1v3kb wrote

Full of woe indeed...


tazzerer t1_iz2osnr wrote

Perfect. Just about my size.


Guataguano t1_iz1cedc wrote

Nightmare edition. Well done.


shinyhypocrisy t1_iz1jw98 wrote

This is truly incredible... and terrifying. Great job!!


ChocolateBit t1_iz28qfu wrote

More like me on a Monday amiright!

Just kidding, it looks awesome, I love the details


MadLucy t1_iz2k3kv wrote

I really enjoy the… sticky, ripped stretch, like her head just lifted off and left the bottom jaw behind. Different vibe than the “big mouth” art. Lighting and texture are amazing as usual! Her eyes are very enthralling, that they seem to be looking directly at you, even though they’re glazed and milky. The broken-up bottom lip is particularly off-putting, I think it’s the little bit of shine! Oof! She’s terrible! I love it!


TenetTendie t1_iz3i3jv wrote

What dat mouth do???? Hopefully get flossed often, take care of your gums people


Mr_Cooper_ t1_iz3id1z wrote

How it feels to chew 5 gum


Moochkins t1_iz48vf1 wrote

Every post I see from here is a gaping mouth. Very original.


EstherLuvsZ t1_iz0nusp wrote

Looks like my sleep paralysis demon (looks really good btw)


Thelisto t1_iz0xm4h wrote

Where do you usually start your artwork from? The bottom, top, sides, corners, random?


Yiamu t1_iz16rub wrote

It is Wednesday


CrazyinLull t1_iz27fjp wrote

This is awesome! What did you use to do it?


HeyBuB123 t1_iz2var9 wrote

Watching this show on Netflix right now


OUsnr7 t1_iz32uqy wrote

Hump day!


blooperjim t1_iz363sw wrote

Buddy at the bar took one look and said, “I’d still hit it.”

He explained why after my laughing fit, too.


Namoric t1_iz3ay37 wrote

That's really really good and I never want to see it again


nothinghxppens t1_iz45nwe wrote

it looks so cool! kinda reminded me of the lady in the painting in the 2017 It movie too


whicky1978 t1_iz4bnp5 wrote

Wow that’s sick 😳


toaster318 t1_izuuk4t wrote

I can't stop looking at this this is absolute horror


johnny2hands2 t1_iz2ulta wrote

I wish the new show was as amazing as ur art, mad props to u.


Bubba-jones t1_iz1yoif wrote

Wednesday seemed awfully concerned about people getting murdered at her school.


CoolGuyBabz t1_iz2zcac wrote

Her sloppy toppy would be gorgeous with that massive mouth, she could probably fit like 17 dicks in there


HendorneEndohRoth t1_iz363kw wrote

Imagine only having one single thing you do in horror and don’t have the creativity to do anything else. Always gaping mouth. Maybe they’re all yawning from boredom.


Rico7122914 t1_iz2c757 wrote

Looks better than that new show. I'd watch


Jwishh t1_iz2wvua wrote

Grumpy old redditors comparing a single image to a tv show


Muffin-Sprinkles t1_iz3a73b wrote

The shows great


Jwishh t1_iz3atdx wrote

Completely agreed. The original show is wonderful and fun to watch but clearly made for it’s time, the 90s movies are also wonderful and modernized for their time, and this new show continues that tradition.


TinyBurbz t1_iz2ie7o wrote

No it's not your artwork.


nuke905 t1_iz46a85 wrote



TinyBurbz t1_iz5ipeh wrote

It's AI generated.


nuke905 t1_iz6a8ts wrote

How can you tell?


TinyBurbz t1_iz6dz02 wrote



nuke905 t1_iz6e7tj wrote

You realise art like this was a thing before ai generators...

Also more specifically what do you mean by "everything"


TinyBurbz t1_iz6fzz8 wrote

>You realise art like this was a thing before ai generators...

All of OPs images are made with midjourney.


nuke905 t1_iz6gmjr wrote

What would you even type in for some of ops artworks!?

They are all scary random uncaptionable pictures

While it may not have been made with actual paint you can still manually make art on computers.