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Toxoplasma-Gandhi t1_j0vf7v9 wrote

Freaking awesome. I love it when people do Christmas horror without some "Slay/Sleigh" puns or Krampus. It's original.


jannyhammy t1_j0vi0wb wrote

I really like this. Great talent and imagination.


Potato-In-A-Jacket t1_j0wl93u wrote

Got my holiday phone wallpaper now

Also, genuinely amazing work dude, I love seeing you cross my home feed


spottedram t1_j0x4z9e wrote

This would make a great Christmas card


ProfPorkchop t1_j0wgogd wrote

A boy called Christmas


Toxoplasma-Gandhi t1_j0ysztt wrote

Is this a "Town Called Christmas" reference? If so, great job on a good Who reference.


ProfPorkchop t1_j0yv3vd wrote

No its a book title.


ProfPorkchop t1_j0yv830 wrote

They made a shitty netflix version. Utter shit. The book is really good.

Source: I'm a lit teacher


Toxoplasma-Gandhi t1_j0zbvjw wrote

Oh, cool. I'm a writer! I fooled one of you in uni. I had a thing against buying books if I could help it... Yes. I did a lit class without the book... Not only did I get out with an A, but he thanked me for my contributions to in class discussion, as other students said my insights helped them, and bragged on me to other professors, haha! All I did was let a few people speak first, wait til I see something I could latch onto and think more deeply about, then deduce the rest as the discussion went on, adding more as I listened to the others add their contributions.

I conned another professor into letting me borrow his copy of the book. It had all of the answers to every bit of homework we would ever have. I just made copies of the answer pages and just consorted them every time, rewording my answers, so I was never caught.

I did do one kind of good (Some may call it evil) but I was tutoring a group in a class I was still taking. Then, some hick said "Whadda we gotta lern all them big words for?" That annoyed me. It's a biology class. You didn't go to uni to learn your ABC's. It's called "higher learning" for a reason.

So, I'm highly irritated. It's finals and they're complaining... Well, I told them, "You know, the professor doesn't come in until late, but she leaves copies of the exam stacked on her desk... If someone were to grab me a copy the morning of finals, I could give them answers.

... Note that I did not say that those answers would be the correct ones. 90ish per cent of them were wrong. The ones that took the bait, and even invited friends so they could cheat off my back, didn't come to me until they were at midterms with a badly failing grade. That final for which I gave them mostly incorrect answers was make or break for them, and for taking the chance to cheat instead of learn, the price is a badly damaged GPA.

The only people who get to ride on my gifts are those with whom I'm forced into group projects, because I wasn't letting anyone but me determine my grade. I always said, "Okay, here's the plan. You aren't going to do anything. I'm an excellent speaker and a graphic designer, so, PowerPoint is just a game to me. I'll send you a copy of the presentation, along with your script for the presentation. Memorize it. Professors prefer it when you don't use note cards for this. Just put everything into memorizing your lines. I've got the rest." It got so bad, professors would knowingly tell my project partners, "Bet you're glad I teamed you up with her." I was also kind of a pompous, know it all jerk. I walk on a cane and was taking biochemistry for undergraduate premed, so, of course, random people would tell me, "You know House MD? You're, like, a female him!" It became kind of a campus nickname. I suppose my pain meds being due during one class didn't help.

Sorry, just reliving the glory days.


Toxoplasma-Gandhi t1_j0zcdia wrote

Oh, and I will read it. I need to do some rereads (Winds is 75% finished, so I gotta do a re-read of the whole ASoIaF series. Luckily, I'm a speed reader. Entire sentences at a glance. My mind is so cued in on language that it just comes naturally.


ProfPorkchop t1_j11z2k1 wrote

Yeah. Most lit teachers are writers too (I am no exception) And dealing with pompous wannabe writers was my most hated part. I mean, talking down to their classmates because they "don't get their writing" and writing like they jerk off to word-a-day calendars doesn't endear them to anyone.

The NecroNomNomNomicon: Cookbook of the Dead


Fappy_as_a_Clam t1_j0ws02t wrote

I love this, and I love dark renditions of Christmas!


Toxoplasma-Gandhi t1_j0yt9el wrote

Then, if you haven't found it, find the R'lyeh (or just Cthulhu) Christmas playlist on YouTube! It's a real treat, and an annual staple of mine. I bet you'd love it.


Philmecrackin t1_j0x0fqz wrote

Wow nice. Going to use this as my Lock Screen.


Tookarn t1_j0x71vi wrote

That's so good!


nsefan t1_j0y6yh9 wrote

And if you ever saw it, you would even say it's here oh god no