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CaptainPunisher t1_j1cckjl wrote

... and, if the radiation level's OK,
I'll go out with you and see all the new
Mutations on be years day.

  • Weird Al

Crotchless_Panties t1_j1ceyzm wrote

Hands-down, my favorite Christmas song!


Passing4human t1_j1d6fnn wrote

But the younger generation thinks it's about 9/11.


Crotchless_Panties t1_j1d78gb wrote

They need to listen to it harder/watch the video!

Or, you know, maybe go outside and stick their heads in the snow bank!


FordBeWithYou t1_j1daor8 wrote

I knew someone in their thirties that thought it was about 9/11. When’s the cutoff for the “younger generation”?


synapseattack t1_j1e6071 wrote

It's not really an age thing but more about the individuals ability to activate that grey mush in their head.


Bopo_Descending t1_j1e2dl2 wrote

“You might here some reindeer on your rooftop Or Jack Frost on your windowsill. But if someone’s coming down your chimney You better load your gun and shoot to kill!”


Tandran t1_j1e5mcb wrote

Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping

It's the end of all humanity

No more time for last minute shopping

It's time to face your final destiny


TrebuchetTaxiService t1_j1dx3mz wrote

When your Rimworld colony gets hit by toxic fallout and a volcanic winter.


FuckSticksMalone t1_j1ebh8z wrote

🎶And the world will turn into flowing pink vapor stew🎶


Asleep_Writing_8034 t1_j1fx4k5 wrote

Oh I’m guessing Santa decided to take a day off for once and left the job to this guy. I hope he will get me some presents this year and he can have the cookies even milk.


invadersil t1_j1fzjdp wrote

Looks a little like something you'd find in Invader Zim's Christmas special.