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ChrisT182 t1_j3ypsr0 wrote

I mean, I'd go. It's the only place TO go. And if what's on the other side is some beautiful new world, then I'm laughing. Otherwise I'm staying in this hellish hallway for the rest of my life.


shaggybear89 t1_j3yzlok wrote

It's obviously a trick and the moment you enter the mouth, that beautiful image will turn into a thousand razor sharp teeth.


iLynux t1_j414kae wrote

Yeah but the illusion will remain so that you willingly get devoured by the Beast. Yes, you'll get eaten. But the Beast is not unkind.


belikewhat t1_j3zpg6b wrote

Same! It's like a metaphor that sometimes to get to somewhere beautiful you have to go through something hard or scary, but if you keep going it will be okay


Glittering_Airport_3 t1_j41uplg wrote

or it's a metaphor for drugs, u get convinced that you're entering some beautiful realm of euphoria but in reality your getting eaten alive


bsam1890 t1_j41atot wrote

I interpreted this as what you’d see before incarnating. We want to be born into this world but doing it is intimidating


Talonsminty t1_j405zgd wrote

I do believe those are windows to either side of the mouth.


scnottaken t1_j41ekzg wrote

I don't think that thing's holding her inside itself willingly. It's crying, blood even. Seems the real evil is what's inside, despite looks.