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LitLitten t1_j4ezucw wrote

Reply to comment by Valdearg20 in "nt|tld", made by xrev_v (me) by xrev_v

Why is it preferable to take the energy required to make a typed out post discrediting artwork when a click to check their post history is both more efficient and simpler?


Valdearg20 t1_j4f0ig9 wrote

For what it's worth, I agree with your statement, looking back on it. It was a comment made quickly between trying to cook dinner.

That said, I think it reinforces the point I made in the second paragraph. It sucks hard that those doubts even crept into my head, or that a deep dive into someone's other posts is now required to be confident somebody actually put time, effort, skill, and passion into a piece.

My apologies to the artist for being doubtful in the first place.