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LylaDee t1_j4di0xv wrote

Living in a condo with a known Drug addicted older woman on my floor, I can relate. This gives me ptsd. Really nice work though, cheers.


Bierbart12 t1_j4glgea wrote

I've been in a mental hospital before and saw something very similar to this as I went to get my breakfast.

Dude was nice, psychotic(once you got over his horrifying face, his mind was a mess, his sentences were only a bit related to what he was trying to say, but he was not a bad person at all- You could figure his meaning out after listening to him for a while. It was one of the most tragic states of having to live I had ever seen, and that was his own opinon. Without this affliction, he'd have been a major figure in history.) and an addict, but I hope he's doing better now.


AriusAeternus t1_j4njh4j wrote

A major figure in history? Interesting, are you inferring that’s he extremely intelligent and aware? Possibly even physically built well? Maybe charismatic in his own way, potentially even handsome had he not been ill? That statement honestly goes hard. Like your among few people in the world that knows about this one unfortunate soul who could have been a larger-than-life world changing person reduced to a sick man in a mental hospital. That’s like if Alexander the Great never became great and was instead born a hunchbacked man with a stutter, endless potential but limited by factors out of his control. That’s sad.


catcroissant01 t1_j4drgc7 wrote

dude, what's up with you and grandmas?


LeeroyM OP t1_j4e1wlg wrote

Part of a series.


only_the_office t1_j4eoj7f wrote

Doesn’t really answer the question lol


umbraviscus t1_j4gihjt wrote

Doesn't it?


only_the_office t1_j4gvz67 wrote

It does not.


umbraviscus t1_j4gwguf wrote

I mean... it quite literally does. It's just not the answer that you want.


only_the_office t1_j4hfmz1 wrote

Having a series related to grandmothers does not in any way explain why the guy has an obsession with grandmothers. The one is a direct consequence of the other, not an explanation for it.


shazadster t1_j4e7ekm wrote

hope beavis and butthead aren't inside, cuz this ghost is about to have a bad day


Confuseasfuck t1_j4ea6a4 wrote

Idk, she seems nice. That is one trustworthy smile if l ever seen one


Okkultist666 t1_j4dupd6 wrote

I don't wanna feed grandma bacon while she's in the bathtub.


Sherinz89 t1_j4ft3pw wrote

Bruh wtf man why you gotta do this to my head


The_BabaDook__ t1_j4dr7r1 wrote

Get outta here grandma! I already burned your pills!


Kinky-Bi-Guy t1_j4f293f wrote

Can you please stop using my sis as your model? /s


H3xenmeist3r t1_j4f3wbd wrote

...Not again! I just finished nailing my wardrobe shut!


Rish83 t1_j4f64xz wrote

Gamma sleepwalking again

Go away grandma I don't want cookie..


Gdokim t1_j4fcid8 wrote

Reminds me of the sleep paralysis hag.


LeeroyM OP t1_j4fdq2e wrote

That's what the series is based on!


Gdokim t1_j4fvng2 wrote

I didn't know that and omg, if I saw her through my peephole, not only would I have a heart attack but I would seriously, 💩 my pants lol


younggundc t1_j4fusmo wrote

Midnight booty call? Nice!


GeckoMan79 t1_j4e3iqx wrote

Instructions unclear it is not a glory hole


shazadster t1_j4e7j0c wrote

LOL! i made a beavis and butthead comment up there with a similar implication lol


TheSadPotato420 t1_j4f5s0v wrote

PoV: You didn‘t wish the elderly neighbor a good morning


Jonmak4000 t1_j4g0gr8 wrote

Happened to me once. I almost shat myself.


I_might_be_weasel t1_j4gqig0 wrote

Great, now you have to put up flyers that you found a senile old lady.


Future-Olive-2427 t1_j4gqsbo wrote

Everyone all scared but I can’t stop laughing at that dumbass smile


theon3leftbehind t1_j4gtud6 wrote

“No, thank you. I didn’t order any crack.”


The_Ovani t1_j4hi10r wrote

Good Lord i'd throw myself out of the window


Automatic_Animal t1_j4ebol2 wrote

I scrolled by and laughed. I came back and laughed again.


magical_bunny t1_j4fr1av wrote

Madonna is really taking these arty selfies too far now.


Blackleavshelter t1_j4fudda wrote

i bet she will win every eye contact challenge


Nick_Damane t1_j4fzfbi wrote

I’d open and give Grandma a cross, uppercut combo.


JowettMcPepper t1_j4g3uuh wrote

It looks like the old decrepit lady from "The Sadness" (that Taiwanese horror movie inspired by the "Crossed" comic series)


Krak_Fox t1_j4guxee wrote

Hi, I keep posting an image and title but it never shows up - anyone have a clue why? Tia


msoma_comments t1_j4gv7zi wrote

Thank you for making me to never use the peephole...


Stabfacenotback t1_j4gw44w wrote

EVERY time my HOA president rings my door bell. Last time was Sat. 9am. Time before was Wed at 10pm. I work 7-5, full time. I party or sleep when I'm home.

Ain't never opening the door for this nosey body.


MadMac619 t1_j4h24o0 wrote

Here I thought I was gonna finally sleep after 18 hours. Thanks Reddit, keeping my insomnia strong


phenomenation t1_j4h3z6r wrote

i’m immediately opening that door and swinging. better than waiting for a haunted hag to pop up behind me when i’m taking my 3AM piss


AioliFantastic4105 t1_j4h56hx wrote

I had a dream of this image and then woke up to looking out peep hole to see police jogging toward my door


annagator679 t1_j4h9nn1 wrote

I live in an apartment and when I'm at school I'm in a dorm room If I saw this outside either of those doors I wouldn't hesitate to grab the heaviest thing that I could lift in my apartment or dorm room and start swinging


Ondexb t1_j4hfexv wrote

This just reminds me of that Jake Gyllenhaal staring and smiling meme.


unlovedcarrot t1_j4hyisv wrote

Wow, I love the pieces you've shared as well as the ones I just checked out on your account! Is there a storyline you've conjured up to go with these nannies?


imakuni1995 t1_j4i0d7u wrote

She looks like a cute little angel 😇


hexidecagon t1_j4i6nhd wrote

That’s just my aunt, you can let her in


HaemonZERO t1_j4jl3d5 wrote

You didn't read the sign? "NO SOLICITING."


JJDouble t1_j4km5dt wrote

Like it! Don't open the door.