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urwallpaperisbad t1_j4v2civ wrote

Make a full set then sell it to nerds on reddit who will snap it up and never use it once


Departedart OP t1_j4v6c8k wrote

This is my third deck 😁 coming soon to the Kickstarter


JTMissileTits t1_j4w47sk wrote

I want the Tales of Tribute decks.


ETA: LOL I thought this said Sheogorath and I was like OH YEAH ELDER SCROLLS PLAYING CARDS.

I'm really sorry. There's no excuse. My brain is not at full function.


Wilgrove t1_j4y8rtl wrote

Hey, I didn't ask to be called out like this. 😂


wherethelionsweep t1_j4w8906 wrote

Why does it look just like Zorra Sapphire from OoT?


Yoshidede t1_j4vqep5 wrote

Yeah I'm def buying a deck


SmarmyPapsmears t1_j4xdvrm wrote

Hey, I just gotta say, your art is cool as fuck. I have one of your pieces as my phone wallpaper from like 5 years ago.


Departedart OP t1_j4xe1vw wrote

Thanks! 5 years? which one is it I'm really curious XD


Nightmare_Tonic t1_j4yszit wrote

It's really excellent. Love all of these. Huge Lovecraft fan


maverickaod t1_j4wrvm9 wrote

This is actually really cool looking


sockalicious t1_j4yp9rc wrote

Yew want to know what the reel horror is, hey? Wal, it’s this—it ain’t what them fish devils hez done, but what they’re a-goin’ to do! They’re a-bringin’ things up aout o’ whar they come from into the taown—ben doin’ it fer years, an’ slackenin’ up lately. Them haouses north o’ the river betwixt Water an’ Main Streets is full of ’em—them devils an’ what they brung—an’ when they git ready. . . . I say, when they git ready . . . ever hear tell of a shoggoth?


Rusiano t1_j4z5lpr wrote

Imagine if this was a boss on Alice in Borderland


emau55 t1_j4xr92l wrote

Nice! Would be cool to see that design on the smaller ace symbols as well


Great_Lie624 t1_j5b3rcf wrote

Reminds me of the water spiritual stone form zelda ocarina of time.


LordElfa t1_j4x9zdd wrote

Which Elden Ring talisman is that?