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lllllolllllolllll t1_j5dsur3 wrote

Get your fucking hands up Get on out of your seat All eyes on me, all eyes on me.


GooseMay0 t1_j5e7hte wrote

I feel like there was an episode of Are You Afraid of The Dark? that had a scene similar to this.


ltearth t1_j5eb6lu wrote

Reminds me of Skyward when Spin uses her powers and she sees hundreds of eyes in a dark space starring at her.


PsychedeliMoz t1_j5efmbn wrote

Pretty sure I saw a Tool album cover very similar to this. Eyes would blink when moving the picture left to right.

Was it an inspiration?


Botchur t1_j5eg8os wrote

Dude that would make an insane wrestling entrance.


Tweed_Man t1_j5eh15d wrote

I feel like this is something I'd see in a Doctor Who episode.


mjke29 t1_j5ei3ut wrote

Similar to the game Stray


EasilyDelighted t1_j5emrie wrote

I was like ooooooh until it blinked. Then I got freaked out, lol.


Makoki4 t1_j5eo3x2 wrote

good track illustration "2pac - all eyes on me"


ares395 t1_j5eok6g wrote

Kind of unreasonable, no one would be straining their eyes that much to look at something instead of just turning their head a bit


drlongtrl t1_j5ep8m5 wrote

Not all of them yet. About two thirds I guess. I read all kinds of different stuff to mix it up. Almost never a complete series all at once.

Do you, by any chance, know the final architecture books? I'm asking because I see certain similarities between skyward and them and I wanted to see if someone agree who has read both.


xkcloud t1_j5eqb1e wrote

Absolutely love the 80s movie vibe!


NineTailedTanuki t1_j5eu2k3 wrote

Reminds me a little bit of Hellsing Ultimate. After all, Arucard had multiple eyes.


del2022 t1_j5ewngg wrote

Finally a captive audience!!!


Grey_Dreamer t1_j5f0fis wrote

(sips tea)

Just another day at the Magnus Institute~


Agile_Bee7787 t1_j5f1tvv wrote

Usually art doesn't really elicit a primal response in me like this does. I wanna throw my phone across the room when I see this.


sithlink t1_j5f5r3d wrote

Reminds me of ozzy ozbourns album osmosis


FransJoseph t1_j5fa2ei wrote

This is somehow less scary than stage fright.


Saemika t1_j5ft3jz wrote

This is really good OP. Mind if I grab the source from you?


mrmantis66 t1_j5fuj6k wrote

Isn't this a Tool track on Guitar Hero?


Patrikfr2012 t1_j5fxzut wrote

"I am Hermaeus Mora, Prince of Fate and Lord of Secrets."


Spyko t1_j5fzmby wrote

You who watch and know and understand none.

You who listen and hear and will not comprehend.

You who wait and wait and drink in all that is not yours by right.


TheRealGoochman t1_j5g03lo wrote

How Pokemon The First Movie looks upon each movie that stands before it


_gordiart_ t1_j5g129k wrote

I love those eyes from the darkness👁️🖤 p.s.: Hello from Gordiart :)


TomCBC t1_j5gm7en wrote

The crack in the door, it’s a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?

Man I wish my PS4 hadn’t died so I could play P.T again


keo310 t1_j5gykot wrote

Thought this was a projection from a Tool concert.


PoiLethe t1_j5hldrl wrote

Reminds me of the opening of Cats


bryty93 t1_j5hnbd3 wrote

Reminds of an LSD trip on the comeup


whiteday26 t1_j5i2q5o wrote

To be honest if they are just staring that means they are interested in what I am doing. And if they don't have any other features, that just means they can't express their displeasure.

I'd be more distressed if they looked away from me just because I came on the stage.


SavingsIncome2 t1_j5iufd5 wrote

“for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” - Friedrich W. Nietzsche


Dead_Purple t1_j5k704l wrote

I was like that's a cool pic, then the eyes started blinking and I was like: BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!


ninetiesnarwhal t1_j5kycpt wrote

Spent a lot of time looking at this, great work! Thanka for sharing 🙏


Maamman t1_j5o1akp wrote

Lol. When you have to do stand up for Pride in full metal alchemist.