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CuteGoblinGirl OP t1_j5hitmv wrote

The Unanswered Question of “Why am I here? Why did I come here?” and the concept of “I am not why I am.” A creature of meaninglessness, meaningless inquiry, removing causal meaning from a situation and feeding off of it.

Whydigos can be seen in various places, particularly areas with treasure or monsters that the party may want to acquire or kill.  By consuming the boss, switch, key, or the treasure it removes the reason the party went into the dungeon in the first place which leads to moments of meaninglessness and forces the characters to reflect on said meaninglessness.


897jack t1_j5hybgi wrote

I really like the piece, the head is super cool looking. But I can’t help but read his name as “why did I go” and I just imagine this dude walking around a party trying to not be awkward while thinking of that question over and over again.


CuteGoblinGirl OP t1_j5hz8cu wrote

"Why'd I go" is on point. If you happened to see the comment I posted earlier it kinda consumes the reason for doing things, leading to the inevitable "Why did I even come here?" type questioning. Along with other such things.


897jack t1_j5i18kl wrote

I saw yours after I posted mine. I really like how you phrased “removing casual meaning from a space”. It makes me think of the ancient ruins of our own world. Of all the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears was poured into creating meaning in their physical world. Yet for many ruins all meaning has been overgrown and weathered leaving only the vague notion that there was meaning at one point. Even almost all of earths life can’t even begin to understand the meaning between the small mound of stone built by pink apes and the mountains of stone towering to the sky built by Mother Nature. Cool art and cooler ideas!


CuteGoblinGirl OP t1_j5i9mh0 wrote

I love this comment so much!!


897jack t1_j5ieyx4 wrote

Thank you! You have some really interesting ideas with this creature and concept. Since human structures range from “deep world defining temples built in reverence of the very Gods themselves” to “I started placing stones day and never stopped because it t was fun” I think there’s a lot to play around with when it comes to ruins and dungeons and what they represent to the world they’re in.


Astriaaal t1_j5lfg4d wrote

This art style reminds me of a show I used to watch when I was a kid called "Dot and the Kangaroo", this song scared the shit out of me


CuteGoblinGirl OP t1_j5llaa1 wrote

That's amazing. I'll probably watch it like 3 more times today lmao


axyz77 t1_j5jy6ze wrote

Nobody says Howdigo