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vrenak t1_j6ehx60 wrote

So can humans, that polar bear better beware it may be the prey and not the hunter...


darkrider400 t1_j6ew8qq wrote



Perpetually_isolated t1_j6gib4e wrote

He's not wrong though. That's what's terrifying about being hunted by humans. Animals can run from us but we can track them and we WILL catch up.


HelmSpicy t1_j6gnuvp wrote

Pretty sure most humans I see at Walmart aren't catching up to any prey that isn't already dead


Perpetually_isolated t1_j6gpv06 wrote

That's true. I'm also not seeing many polar bears at Walmart though.

Which is kinda the point. We have giant swaths of land that predators avoid at all costs because they know that we are to be feared as a species.

There are all those soft meaty lethargic people and predators absolutely know better than to get near them.


hldsnfrgr t1_j6gt6g9 wrote

We've always been hunter-gatherers. The folks at Walmart are gatherers.


Idontfightwit12yrold t1_j6gzvdf wrote

Polar bears are one of the animals that will actively hunt humans I seriously doubt they are going to be afraid of one


Perpetually_isolated t1_j6h26rf wrote

Yeah they are one of maybe 2-3 animals on the planet that will see humans as good and not a predator. And the only reason for that is because they live in pretty much the only place humans cannot populate. They see humans as food because they are always starving, and because they never see us.

Weird thing is, we have literally driven them to the brink of extinction and most humans have never even seen one. That's how high we are on the food chain.


kewlkidmgoo t1_j6hxrd1 wrote

He is wrong. That observation clearly does not apply to this situation. The photographer is not using his superior stamina to chase down this bear and kill it while it’s exhausted.


TheCaspica t1_j6f8347 wrote

"When you were partying I studied The Blade"


-Chicago- t1_j6gf9zg wrote

Dude polar bears are one of the few animals that can easily shrug off gun shots, unless you're walking the arctic with a bandolier of grenades you're fucked.


novA69Chevy t1_j6nbt8z wrote

Grenades to a polar bear is like a snap pop firework. You need a nuke.