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keenweasel74 t1_j6l0rp8 wrote

You win. I was raised Catholic. I'm glad I never saw that back then before confession and I'm glad I never go now. It's scary enough with a person in there. Take my upvote. Edit Leeeeroy!


LeeroyM OP t1_j6l3zt8 wrote

I was raised Catholic too, in fact I was an altar boy in rural Ireland in the 90's. A lot of my work has Catholic references actually.


keenweasel74 t1_j6l87bq wrote

My best friend was an alter boy. I was too shy as a boy to go up in front of people. My wife doesn't believe me. I'm the total opposite now.


dwpea66 t1_j6lqnzf wrote

I understand this. I did 13 years of Catholic school as a boy, and all it left me with was a complete lack of faith and fear of Catholic imagery.


thefrostmakesaflower t1_j6nbbws wrote

The church really left it’s mark on us, great work btw this terrified me and we come from the exact same background too


Mackheath1 t1_j6nbebf wrote

Lutheran, here. We don't do this. What goes on in those booth things? Do you really tell them things you've done 'wrong' or do you just pray with them or is it like light therapy or something?

I know I can look it up, but I'd like to get an insider's take if you feel comfortable sharing.


keenweasel74 t1_j6nimbq wrote

It's kind of like a financial transaction. You confess your sins, all you've done wrong since last confession. The priest then gives you your penance. Basically how many of each different prayer you have to recite. You get out of the box. He stays in the box for the next person. You go home and say the prayers and you are by Catholic teaching then "clean" again. Rinse and repeat next Sunday. It was weird. Edit: Most kids when I was still going to the catholic church just lied in confession and we never said the prayers. My observation of many Catholic adults I know is they do the same.


LeeroyM OP t1_j6l0lpl wrote

Unfortunately the quality was diminished a bit when converting to GIF but yeah.

by me, all my info here.


mildredfierce1969 t1_j6lhcxk wrote

No translated quite well...well enough to sear into my mind for all eternity.

Thanks! LOL

This is horrifying.


mysteryelyts t1_j6lvth4 wrote

I love your piece where everyone waiting below the stairs!


FatSelkie t1_j6l5nen wrote

He's just excited for the juicy gossip he's about to get


danarchist t1_j6m1xza wrote

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl." Says an altar boy at confession.

The priest asks, "Is that you, little Joey Pagano?"

"Yes, Father, it is."

"And who was the girl you were with?"

"I can't tell you, Father. I don't want to ruin her reputation."

"Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as well tell me now. Was it Tina Minetti?"

"I cannot say."

"Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?"

"I'll never tell."

"Was it Nina Capelli?"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot name her."

"Was it Cathy Piriano?"

"My lips are sealed."

"Was it Rosa DiAngelo, then?"

"Please, Father, I cannot tell you."

The priest sighs in frustration. "You're very tight lipped, and I admire that. But you've sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months. Now you go and behave yourself."

Joey walks back to his pew, and his friend Franco slides over and whispers, "What'd you get?"

"Four months vacation and five good leads!"


cat_like_sparky t1_j6my0hi wrote

To add:

There once was a bishop from Birmingham

Who’d deflower young girls while confirming ‘em

As they knelt on the hassock

He lifted his cassock

And slipped his episcopal worm in ‘em


Rabid_Kiwi t1_j6l254e wrote

That’s uh…. Damn poneyboy that’s gold right there!


Detective-Ranch t1_j6l3qua wrote

Happy cakeday, also what


Rabid_Kiwi t1_j6l7dew wrote

Stay gold poneyboy. You know Outsiders… it means it’s morbidly good.


DaddyKrotukk t1_j6m1un4 wrote

Where did the e come from?


Rabid_Kiwi t1_j6no9ek wrote

I’m from Kentucky. So you got pony, but here it’s pronounced pone-ie. two syllables. So I got problems with language and communication, so I forget how to spell things. Then I have to sound it out, but yeah the whole brain damage kicks in and you get the most…. Uh …. Unique…. Yeah let’s go with that… Unique spelling of very common words. Behold a micro example of the evolution of language…. Brought to you by brain holes…. From multiple sclerosis…. 1/10 stars, for hardcore gamers only….


anxieteabags t1_j6l8n5q wrote

This reminded me of that old flash horror game exmortis


badchefrazzy t1_j6lkigj wrote

For real! Was gettin' the "CLICK TO RUN" vibes hardcore.


TheDrKillJoy t1_j6nrdio wrote

I swear it was a scene in it

Childhood memories (and giving myself nightmares) all just came flooding back


anxieteabags t1_j6omo28 wrote

There is a scene where you go into a confessional and talk to a demony guy wearing a hat. You can only see his silhouette.


ReiBagg t1_j6l581d wrote

Reminds me of that confession scene in the exorcist 3


LeeroyM OP t1_j6l621z wrote

They certainly both feature confession booths. Great film!


taesung90o t1_j6l7upn wrote

Damn, I'm doing face to face confessions from now on. At least I can nope the hell out of the Church if I see a demon priest from a distance.


TurboLettuce t1_j6lpyyd wrote

What makes you think you can outrun a demon priest, even with a head start?


kbednarc t1_j6l8utv wrote

Is it just me or does everyone get the confession words wrong? I grew up Catholic and it's "bless me father" not "forgive."


NocturnalPatrolAlpha t1_j6oq4gu wrote

I've gone to confession twice since my chrismation, and the confession card begins with "bless me father."


Alealexi t1_j6ldzvx wrote

Oh hi emperor palpatine


Spoonofdarkness t1_j6li224 wrote

I first thought it was the judge from Nothing But Trouble. Then I saw the eyes and, you're right, total Palpatine vibe.


Inuiri t1_j6mlbhb wrote

I thought Hannibal Lecter before the eyes showed up


Snarkiecupcake t1_j6l3dbw wrote

This is freaking awesome! I want more ! What's the plot, story line ! This is a scary movie I will go see !


Holgrin t1_j6mlq33 wrote

Actually if you dig this then checkout Midnight Mass on Netflix.

If you want to fully enjoy the reveals, do NOT read too far into that article for spoilers. This is a very good horror/thriller mini-series set in a small New England fishing town with one catholic diocese and then . . . Supernatural stuff happens.


The_Buttsex_Man t1_j6l7dw4 wrote

the priest is masturbating off behind the partition


jewish-nonjewish t1_j6m60pa wrote

The idea that an unholy creature may be able to enter a holy place implies that place wasn't holy to begin with. Or a modicum of other things such as but not limited to: the unholy creature in question is strong enough to resist such powers, God never existed in the first place and it's only the demons we ourselves create that are real, or that God was so disappointed by this church that he just abandoned that place and left everyone to die. Which isn't unlike him.


Painting_Agency t1_j6mlbsz wrote

> that place wasn't holy to begin with.

Churches become de-consecrated the moment a clergy member first commits a mortal sin in them. Almost no churches actually provide refuge from demonic entities, for this reason.


TonySoprano300 t1_j6ld0f1 wrote

Im not gonna lie, this is really funny


clawsinyoureyes t1_j6mbvxj wrote

It’s 3:02 am and I should’ve just keep scrolling. That was very unsettling.


Holgrin t1_j6mleas wrote

Some very Midnight Mass vibes here! Nice!


salad_ninja t1_j6luczx wrote

This reminds me of that old school flash game. The House? Mortis? or something like that


cinemafreak1 t1_j6ldcib wrote

This feels like an old school video game. Love it.


Lissire t1_j6mw7ir wrote

This is giving me serious early 00's point-and-click horror games vibes, like Exmortis or something.


Bertelxi t1_j6ld8q8 wrote

thats fantastic. Make more cool stuff please. you’re killing it.


Doodle_Brush t1_j6leef8 wrote

You get all sorts at the church gloryhole...


oddbutnice t1_j6n4n33 wrote



chunksofstuff t1_j6lz1uv wrote

“What kind of father would want to sit there and listen to all that sin…”


beanedjibe t1_j6mfasc wrote

Looks like that priest from Outlast..


renb8 t1_j6mi5iq wrote

Brings back a lot of memories. Still know the spiel off by heart. The sore knees, shame, guilt then penance. [shudder]


Erectus_Prime t1_j6mqyyz wrote

The church my parents go to stopped using confessionals like this because the members of the congregation were getting too fat to fit in them.


khellow12 t1_j6mrl24 wrote

Glock locked and loaded a lot of forgiving to do my son


BeefyKeith420 t1_j6msayz wrote

A guy walks into a church and enters a confessional, a priest then enters as well. The man says, "Forgive me father for I have sinned, while on a skiing trip I saw my boss while skiing down the mountain. I had a mask and goggles on so he didn't recognize me, so I went over and pushed him down a hill and he broke his arm in three places." The priest then says, "You've confessed this 4 times already." The man then says , "I know, I just like talking about it."


ziris_ t1_j6mt5f1 wrote

Looks like the Shadow King from LegionFX to me.


mechapple t1_j6mvek1 wrote

You got any games on your phone ?


nak1mushi t1_j6mxoeh wrote

very cool video! it gives the same vibe of that video of the “mother” peeking from the door, anyone remembers it? very scary, good job


minorto t1_j6n3if7 wrote

Father: Its ok, Gary loves you


Zombiebelle t1_j6nhtyu wrote

Damn. You got me. I shuddered.


imastayathomedad t1_j6o87d0 wrote

Is this a nod to Exorcist 3?

If so, I love it! If not, I still love it!


MustacheManny t1_j6onqph wrote

Reminds me a bit of that scene in the Exorcist 3 but reversed!


NocturnalPatrolAlpha t1_j6opsxk wrote

My church (Eastern Orthodox, Western Rite) doesn't have confession booths.

Now I'm glad.


routerg0d t1_j6p5vir wrote

“Where are you going?”

“Father where I’m going I’d just have to come back.”


nthedive t1_j6p850r wrote

ive never seen that movie


raven319s t1_j6ljbgu wrote

Scrolling through reddit, I thought this was the Seinfeld scene where Jerry sits on the kneeling thing.


item_raja69 t1_j6lycox wrote

Windows 98 screensaver vibes


Zbeubor t1_j6mf4co wrote

im sowy daddy, i've been naughty


CactusCracktus t1_j6mmy58 wrote

“Forgive me father for I have sinned”

“Yeah, me too”


FIFTHSUN2012 t1_j6laho7 wrote

Because the anger, burned within…….


AshRavenEyes t1_j6lbb8y wrote

The devil "gotcha bitch"


Genin85 t1_j6m1bu2 wrote

Nice!! What game is that?


Dangerous_Excuses t1_j6m830g wrote

I’m pretty sure that this is from silent hill 3, but someone has added the face to it


LeeroyM OP t1_j6miy0l wrote

Nope I made this.


Dangerous_Excuses t1_j6naob5 wrote

It’s cool - I like it, it is reminiscent of that scene even the words that are on the gif


blazerunnern t1_j6lzofq wrote

And that's why kids, I became a stripper


Vinyliciously t1_j6m0pdc wrote

thats ok i am liam neeson i can beat him up


badchefrazzy t1_j6lklbf wrote

"Forgive me daddy, I was naughty!" ..had to, sorry.


EMP_Jeffrey_Dahmer t1_j6l7boy wrote

Is this really appropriate?