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LeeroyM OP t1_j6l3zt8 wrote

Reply to comment by keenweasel74 in Forgive me, Father (OC) by LeeroyM

I was raised Catholic too, in fact I was an altar boy in rural Ireland in the 90's. A lot of my work has Catholic references actually.


keenweasel74 t1_j6l87bq wrote

My best friend was an alter boy. I was too shy as a boy to go up in front of people. My wife doesn't believe me. I'm the total opposite now.


dwpea66 t1_j6lqnzf wrote

I understand this. I did 13 years of Catholic school as a boy, and all it left me with was a complete lack of faith and fear of Catholic imagery.


thefrostmakesaflower t1_j6nbbws wrote

The church really left it’s mark on us, great work btw this terrified me and we come from the exact same background too