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blabla857 t1_j6uu861 wrote

33 one letter words. 33, one, letter, words. Am I having a stroke?


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6uwo1t wrote

No. I'm pretty sure the ghost words are numerals. I should have wrote "characters" rather than "letters."


blabla857 t1_j6uxexf wrote

Shouldn't it be 35 then? 26, plus A and I, then the 7 numerals?


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6uxz7v wrote

The word count goes by spelling only, and it is case insensitive. The numerals I'm referring to are Arabic numerals.


blabla857 t1_j6v3adx wrote

Arabic numerals are not words. Numerals are. Maybe not Roman ones but "two" is! But that doesn't help with the one letter words.

The "A" and "I" were in reference to the determiner "a" and the pronoun "i".

Is it counting things like "c" as an abbreviation for century?

EDIT: I've just realised this is OC and how you built the dataset so I get it now. I think!


ramblinjd t1_j6uvzig wrote

I assume they're counting A as both the noun representing the letter and the indefinite article. Same idea with I, X, and 3 other letters.


ReddFro t1_j6vsp1g wrote

That’s weird, sure but I wanna know what the 3 syllable 1-letter word is.


FrankyMihawk t1_j6vumiw wrote

How is there a 1 letter work with 3 syllables….?


hacksoncode t1_j6uw3jq wrote

No, but you're forgetting that each letter is, itself a noun referring to that letter. Plus a few that are other words with their own dictionary entries.


ShuTingYu t1_j6w17ym wrote

There's 36 total, I assume they included the 26 letters and 10 numbers, W being 3 syllables, 0 and 7 being 2.


doubleatheman t1_j6w3o0r wrote

How about the two two syllable one letter words?


blabla857 t1_j6w3w11 wrote

According to the data it's 7 (se-ven) and 0 (ze-ro)...


FooJenkins t1_j6utxfj wrote

How are their 36 one letter words in English?


Thaplayer1209 t1_j6uyuej wrote

The source counts 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 as letters too.


Atypical_Mammal t1_j6v3z8z wrote

Ok, cool. How are there 26 one letter words in english?


Kdlbrg43 t1_j6v4r1u wrote

I am more facinated by the 3 syllable 1 letter word


StirFru t1_j6v5ebp wrote

I guess the remaining 26 are the alphabet, implying the 3 syllable one is “w”


Clemario t1_j6vczlj wrote

I suppose 7 and 0 are the 2-syllable words, and W is the 3-syllable one.


Epistatious t1_j6uwbzj wrote

Seems like there is only a and I, unless you count O. O Canada


Cecuhl t1_j6uvb75 wrote

Someone above noted: The letters of the alphabet qualify as nouns and, therefore, words in themselves.


soloespero t1_j6uvpvh wrote

That's 26.. "I" and "a" (not the letter) are 2 more. 28.. what are some others?


Pirate_Green_Beard t1_j6v0g0l wrote

"O" works as an exclamation. For example, in the first line of the Star-Spangled Banner, "O say, can you see..."


doyourselfaflavor t1_j6vcwkm wrote

I remember watching a spelling bee and they gave a kid "aitch" as in, the letter h.


pootis_engage t1_j6up9si wrote

Three letters, five syllables? What words are those?


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6uu0az wrote

They are the abbreviation Rep, and the acronyms BMW, DFW. If I'm not mistaken, DFW stands for Dallas Fort-Worth. The dataset, though, lists the pronunciation as "dee-eff-dub-eh-you."


Ranzok t1_j6uv0t7 wrote

Initialisms not acronyms, btw. Not to be a pedant!


10kLines t1_j6uvlfu wrote

I'd never heard of initialisms. Thank you, kind pedant!


cboogie t1_j6uxyib wrote

In discussions about language pedantry is usually allowed just as long as you’re not smug.


xDrBagelx t1_j6v5yxg wrote

But an initialism is an acronym? So you're just making it more specific which doesn't matter in this case, right?


Hammer_Stixx t1_j6vc9dd wrote

Acronyms are for shortened names that are still pronounced as words, like PETA, or NATO. Initialisms are the ones that you just shorten for the sake of shortening, but aren't really pronounceable. Things like BMW, or LMAO.

I might be wrong about this, but this is what I can vaguely remember on the topic.


Pademelon1 t1_j6vig5z wrote

LMAO's probably a bad example there, plenty of people use it as an acronym.


TheSeansei t1_j6vxuod wrote

I can’t figure out how you would make that anything other than an initialism?

Like what, L-mao, as in the chairman?


Hammer_Stixx t1_j6vj0k1 wrote

Not really meant to be, it's an initialism first and foremost.


Pademelon1 t1_j6vlcgm wrote

Yeah, but plenty of initialisms get corrupted into acronyms. Better to use examples that are unequivocal. BMW was a good one. PNG is another.

Don't want to argue, just pointing out that it might confuse some people.


JFunkX t1_j6vpltv wrote

You are correct. NASCAR, NASA, SCUBA, RADAR are all examples of acronyms (Initialisms that are pronounced as a word). FBI, CIA, GED, are examples of initialisms where each individual letter is said.


PM_ME_YOUR_PLECTRUMS t1_j6vcii6 wrote

In an initialism, you say the letters one by one (eg: ATM), in an acronym, you pronounce the resulting word (eg: NASA)


Shigy t1_j6vs5dk wrote

Given that everyone misuses the word acronym to describe initialisms, I think the definitions are on their way to being totally conflated.


praise_the_hankypank t1_j6w1a9b wrote

No one blinked at the pronunciation of W here? Is this acceptable in the US? Regards the rest of the world


waterside48 t1_j6w4sjl wrote

…how do you pronounce it? it’s literally a double u?


praise_the_hankypank t1_j6wmsx2 wrote

Read what you just wrote again.

The rest of the world pronounces it out fully as in ‘dou-bel-you’. As you say, it’s literally a double U not dub-uh-you lol.

Some countries also say dou-bel-vee.


waterside48 t1_j74xxom wrote

Oh yeah I think that may just be an accent thing or speaking English fluently and shortening words. In certain parts of the US, like the south, it’s more obvious and pronounced like “dub a you”


antennawire t1_j6vqiww wrote

In the end that's what sound we produce when saying acronyms, so I would say it's a valuable abstraction for the visualisation.


mikeystocks100 t1_j6v4a2h wrote

If that's what you're asking why wouldn't you ask about 2-letter words with 5 syllables?


Mooks79 t1_j6wo3cg wrote

WWW is a famous example where it’s actually less syllables to pronounce the full phrase - World Wide Web.


merlin401 t1_j6xyasw wrote

Right but the full phrase is almost never what you are referring to since 99/100 if you say www you’re intending to talk about it being typed with specifically those three letters


[deleted] t1_j6usu8n wrote



Simplified_J t1_j6utik4 wrote

That's 5 letters 3 syllables, comment says 3 letters 5 syllables.


7elevenses t1_j6utsh0 wrote

Oh, I misread that. I guess it would be an acronym that includes W then.


prince_farquhar t1_j6uu7ny wrote

Hmmm 9 letters 1 syllable. Strengths?


JD_SLICK t1_j6v2npj wrote

Oooh I want to see German.

There’s got to be a 68 letter, 21 syllable word for “that feeling when you think you have wet socks but it turns out you just need coffee and a pastry”


Shinlos t1_j6vtzgd wrote

Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft used to be famous for a while as the longest, but it's only 8 syllables as well. Do not know the current status. Of course you can just create longer words, but they are then not 'official' (as far as that exists).

I will create one for you:


13 syllables or 14 for the female version. Would be the assistant to a person that works in a council for people with disabilities. Probably wouldn't be named like this, since we wouldn't go that far, but it's possible in principle.


PriestOfPancakes t1_j6vx4rj wrote

Kaffeezeitbedürfnisbedingte Nasssockenillusion 45 letters, 15 syllables, 2 words; but also probably slightly off because I’m a little tired for actual good neologisms


Hunty89 t1_j6ut2jk wrote

Can you provide a list of the outliers with only 1-2 occurrences? Eg: word for 20 Letters, 8 syllables.

Would be super interesting.


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6uv9ud wrote

It might take me a little while to do all of them. The 20-letter 8-syllable words are "institutionalization" and "counterrevolutionary."


hacksoncode t1_j6uvtz7 wrote

Incomprehensibility is a 19 letter word with 8 syllables, FWIW.

Perhaps it's not in the top 50,000... but that seems incomprehensible to me ;-).


GRANDxADMIRALxTHRAWN t1_j6v4etk wrote

What about, incomprehensibilitization. 😏


Sooperfreak t1_j6vywa3 wrote

If you wanted to make that easier to understand, you might need a deincomprehensibilizationer


Simplified_J t1_j6ur5z2 wrote

How can a 1 letter word be 3 syllables???


khanstein t1_j6uxllq wrote

While you argue one syllable words, here I am seeing a censored dick.


ramfan1027 t1_j6uzdaj wrote

Someone hit me with that 5 syllable 2 letter word. 77?


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6uoxb7 wrote

Data Sources: For syllable counting, the CMU Pronunciation Dictionary was used along with a few supplementary data points. Most common word data was obtained by analyzing Wikipedia database dumps.

Tools: Python Matplotlib


jaltsukoltsu t1_j6vsgck wrote

Are the words lemmatized or are "play" and "played" counted as two separate words?


Chicagofteverybody t1_j6uw4pp wrote

How are there more 1 letter words than letters in the alphabet?


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6ux78x wrote

I'm pretty sure these are numerals. It makes sense since both add up to 36.


Fnansen204 t1_j6ux4hk wrote

I would like to see the German words plotted out.


bapo225 t1_j6v1v3v wrote

How tf do you get 5 syllables with just 2 letters?


Frequent-Win9999 t1_j6vcbzq wrote

Acronyms with the 'word' W in it. Since it's duh-ble-you


beene282 t1_j6vdbx4 wrote

Except there are no letters with two syllables. Try 77


alfdd99 t1_j6w1jfm wrote

It includes numbers, so it could be, for instance, 77.


Whoak t1_j6vo4a6 wrote

How can there be 36 single-letter words when there are only 26 letters? Which single letters have more than 1meaning? 🧐🤔🤨


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j6vpamv wrote

I've just verified that this is due to the letters "a" through "z" along with the numerals "0" through "9."


Whoak t1_j6vqug4 wrote

Huh, ok, expansive definition of “word” I guess but they can make the graphic any way they want. It is overall a pretty cool illustration.


Slobbadobbavich t1_j6uxav3 wrote

This is pretty y'all but I'm too dumb to appreciate anything else from this chart.


Font_Snob t1_j6uzhow wrote

I'm most curious about the one character word with three syllables.


m_earendil t1_j6v24oq wrote


It's a noun for that letter of the alphabet, written with a single letter, pronounced with three syllables.


Limp_Distribution t1_j6uxlvx wrote

I’ve always thought there was around 500,000 words in the English language. I didn’t check but they don’t look like they add up.


gaston312 t1_j6uy8ub wrote

Google says there are 171K English words. And I’m guessing they are not counting W as a noun… so where’s the rest of the words?


Thaplayer1209 t1_j6uz37n wrote

Could you do one for number of letters vs number of unique letters?


wkrick t1_j6valzr wrote

The coloring on this graph make sit look like a thermal image. What has been seen cannot be unseen.


[deleted] t1_j6vfvq4 wrote

What is the five letter five syllable word?


Snoah-Yopie t1_j6vh5e8 wrote

These are fun. A good addition would be adding histograms for the axes data. It would be nice to easily see info like the number of 7 letter words.


DBL_NDRSCR t1_j6vlb5p wrote

tf are the 8 syllable words


Rhueh t1_j6vuctv wrote

It was the six nine-letter words with only one syllable that caught my eye.


waywarder t1_j6vveq1 wrote

What's this type of graph called? Some kind of heatmap?


Nobias447 t1_j6vxyy8 wrote

This is clearly a hyper pixelated, infrared photo of your member you just slapped some numbers on.

You ain't foolin me!


rob0407 t1_j6vy2kb wrote

Well, What are the 20 letter words?


ComplexInflation6814 t1_j6vy44u wrote

What one letter word has three syllables? Is it 'I' with a Geordie accent?


DingusKhan418 t1_j6vy9zv wrote

What is the 2 letter word that’s 5 syllables?


blizardfires t1_j6vysdr wrote

What word has 5 syllables but only 2 letters?


No_Selection_369 t1_j6w16vp wrote

hm. Was 8 syllables the cut off? there are 9 letter ones


BigOrkWaaagh t1_j6w21cz wrote

What about pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?


viptattoo t1_j6w2nkv wrote

What one letter word has three syllables?


Krynnf101 t1_j6w68wk wrote

They forgot pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis


twilsonco t1_j6vcnyf wrote

Three syllables in one letter. That’s efficiency