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TargetMost8136 t1_ja9jf6i wrote

Didn’t know native Americans were up there with black people. Why is this?


laserdicks t1_ja9ma43 wrote

Their population is so small that any activity results in a much higher average. Also why it has so much variation


TargetMost8136 t1_ja9pm2c wrote

It does have a lot of variance I agree, but it has been consistently very high though. Doesn’t seem like it’s just due to a small sample


laserdicks t1_jaa7te1 wrote

True, that's certainly not the only factor.


bulletbassman t1_ja9sj5b wrote

Reservations can be very difficult and dangerous depending. Lots of drugs, alcohol, and often very few options of meaningful employment. Very similar to the issues that plague underprivileged black communities due to this countries strong past of segregation (whether by law or simple social norms).