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something-quirky- t1_jabbxfh wrote

Wait a minute. 29 “ghosted for my well-being” I assume means that you were performing well enough in the interview process, but purposefully went no contact? Seems disingenuous to the job search tbh.


Likeitisouthere OP t1_jabdac3 wrote

To clarify, this data is not for myself. I have a job

The data pathways/procedures displayed are essentially for a person heading into or wanting to look for a job. This is a consolidation of everyone’s posts, situations, of all these different subreddits like the r/recruitinghell sub, the r/antiwork sub, other subs or regular news trends, list goes on and on since the pandemic lightened up, technology changed and people went back to work

It’s just a formulated data map, like a heads up of what everyone’s going through or will possibly face in terms of trying to find a job in various industries.

The personal rejection of a job is just a situation of where someone didn’t like that job that they applied to. They took the interview and it didn’t fit for them for whatever reason. They went with another opportunity. Maybe the commute was too long. Maybe a parent took a better job for their family. Job candidate misunderstood the job ad or maybe in the interview it didn’t go too well.

Candidates ghost employers, as much as employers ghost job candidates also. I put it up their level the plying field a bit.


andrew_rides_forum t1_jabi8rw wrote

It sounds like you just made up a bunch of numbers honestly OP, nothing about this is interesting or beautiful.


Geraziel t1_jaceg86 wrote

>This is a consolidation of everyone’s posts, situations, of all these different subreddits like the r/recruitinghell sub, the r/antiwork sub, other subs or regular news trends,

So the data is skewed toward worst cases scenarios? Because no one posts, when they got hired after few tries.


Likeitisouthere OP t1_jacn9zk wrote

Pretty much, on the other hand companies don’t update their job postings. More than likely 20% of the job postings that are on indeed or Google or elsewhere just stagnant job postings. Basic advertisements a bot replies to the candidate. People applying to jobs that someone already has been hired for job.

Also some companies pay all year long to just have their job ads up for display. The job postings are just advertisements. Companies don’t care if 10,000 people applied to, they just see is as 10,000 advertisements hits. They ghosted or had a bot reply 10,000 times. More than likely hired the one candidate out of 10,000 candidates a year or so ago. 10,000 resumes on file sorta speak.


[deleted] t1_jaduazm wrote



Likeitisouthere OP t1_jadvmct wrote

It’s just one of many subs, not really important but it’s there, there’s recruiters in there with 10 years experience. There’s some genuine post in there. Not all of it is believable.


Atomic_Fire t1_jaeewqr wrote

So, in essence, you perused a few similar charts and then made up these numbers? None of this is based on actual data, just your thoughts on various pieces of actual data?


randomizeme1234 t1_ja9kkoe wrote

Terrible. Says volumes about the professionalism of recruiters, HR 'talent' managers and hiring managers.


[deleted] t1_jacm4qj wrote

Probably fake. But this is reddit where everything is true.


the_6th_dimension t1_ja9s29y wrote

I really want to learn more about why it is that people are so divided on this issue. I mean it's pretty easy to find examples of it, but why? Why is this such a unreconcilable difference of opinions? I mean shouldn't this be verifiable one way or another?

It's fascinating to watch.


cashmerecodes t1_ja9kgrv wrote

It has been pretty complicated for people these past couple years. The aggregate is beautiful. Pathways are fascinating. Cool!