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Iatroblast t1_j79b6fz wrote

In Wyoming, you could have just one Arby’s in every town over 5,000, and the math would work out like this.


DDub04 t1_j79rcns wrote

Well if it’s /1 million, the rate of 27/1000000 means there’s only like 15-16 Arby’s in the state.


AnngTV t1_j79ry9t wrote

There are not a million people in Wyoming


DDub04 t1_j79sn00 wrote

this is true, its about half a million, which is why a rate of 27/1 million is about 15-16 in the state. Because 27/1000000 = 13.5/500000


Captainwyo307 t1_j79s8s7 wrote

They’re pretty much for the tourists. Douglas, Wheatland, and Torrington (for example) are pretty much drive by towns and there’s usually a bus parked outside of those Arby’s with people grabbing food and a bathroom break. Don’t think the local people could keep them open otherwise.


OneNeutralJew t1_j7aq5jv wrote

I live in the capital and we have about 4 Arby's in this town alone. I personally am not a fan.


timbucktwentytwo t1_j7awbvh wrote

Is anybody actually a fan of Arby's?


TheHazyBotanist t1_j7axtp8 wrote

I haven't been there in an extremely long time, but I've honestly never found it to be bad. If the food was offered to me, i wouldn't turn it down.


cosmohurtskids t1_j7boc8i wrote

This. Not disappointed when I go, just never really pick it out of any other options.


gladfelter t1_j7b4mgx wrote

Its full name is "Arbitrary Fryer-Equipped Establishment," so they kinda acknowledge that it isn't looking for a dedicated fanbase.


R_V_Z t1_j7990ex wrote

Vermont does NOT have the meats.


FrankDrakman t1_j7aa06b wrote

There are no Dairy Queens in Vermont.


TheZvlz t1_j7ada3b wrote

No DQ Blizzards in VT? I like my cookie dough with Reese’s. I will not be visiting.


Ickyhouse t1_j7at896 wrote

It’s home of Ben & Jerry’s. They have much better ice cream than DQ available.


uconnboston t1_j7b313a wrote

It’s the home of Ben & Jerry’s. DQ is the hamburger of the ice cream industry. B&J is the prime rib.


Abbot_of_Cucany t1_j7c8h9y wrote

Ah, but we have maple creemees*. You can't get better than that.

(*) the local name for soft-serve ice cream made with maple syrup


Multi_Grain_Cheerios t1_j7aimwl wrote

The ONLY big chains I remember growing up were BK, Wendy's, McDonald's, and little Caesars haha!

I feel like getting a taco bell was big at some point?

Lots of sonic commercials but no sonic.


furiousfran t1_j7cblf2 wrote

>Lots of sonic commercials but no sonic.

That used to be my state too, about 12 years ago they put in the first sonic and it was a huge fuckin' deal. Like people lined up on the highway shoulder waiting for spaces, it was ridiculous lol

IMO you're not missing too much, their shakes and slushies are probably their best stuff but the food is "ok"


munchingzia t1_j7bt1fv wrote

what is there to do in vermont anyways


Pixielo t1_j7c7oc3 wrote

Ski. Hike. Bike. Hockey. Garden. Be outdoors.

It's a really gorgeous state.


fizzSortBubbleBuzz OP t1_j791ugv wrote

Census 2020 estimate for population

I recently was on a cross-continental road trip and was BLOWN AWAY that Arby's is absolutely thriving in the Heartland.


SeaOfDeadFaces t1_j798tg9 wrote

Now overlap this with heart attacks per million. 😹


WoWMHC t1_j799ijj wrote

Then compare it to sewage out.


TBSchemer t1_j7als0b wrote

Wtf do you guys order there that wrecks your guts so badly? I've never had that problem.


SirThatsCuba t1_j7a55av wrote

How? Is it just food deserts?


anonkitty2 t1_j7a7and wrote

Some of us actually like the food. It's expensive for what you get, but it's the only fast food place that offers French dips.


AgressiveIN t1_j7ayft0 wrote

Idk why it gets looked down on. It's super tasty and is always running deals like 2 for 6$ making it pretty affordable.


clemonade17 t1_j7b5u0x wrote

The French dip sandwich is great. I love curly fries too and they are the only major chain in my area that has them


clydesmooth t1_j7c5qkk wrote

What about McAlister's and Penn Station?


anonkitty2 t1_j7d42tv wrote

Arby's was around in the 1970s and 1980s, though I admit things were different then. Chains like Penn Station didn't exist when Arby's was getting established, or else weren't chains yet, and in my area, Arby's has a numerical advantage (more franchised sites). I don't think of Penn Station as fast food (or else think of it as sub shop) and don't think I have seen McAlister's in my metro area.


clydesmooth t1_j7d5q13 wrote

That makes sense. And mcalisters might just be a regional thing and is fairly recent.


silverpine_ t1_j7933kc wrote

I can get behind THESE red states.....


chrislewand t1_j793xe3 wrote

Feels like an Arby’s night.


ItsASchpadoinkleDay t1_j7957mk wrote

Please don’t do that to yourself. You have value.


piepants2001 t1_j79xw2w wrote

Arby's kicks ass


Jamieobda t1_j79ygor wrote

Also drains ass


TBSchemer t1_j7alb8m wrote

The roast beef didn't do that... You might want to get that checked out.


SirThatsCuba t1_j7a57tj wrote

That's the problem you don't want your ass to feel like that after a meal.


ItsASchpadoinkleDay t1_j7a1dkz wrote

Have you had any other food? If you haven’t, then I understand you thinking Arby’s might have a hint of quality.

I’m far from a snob. I’ll eat some shitty food and not think twice about it, but Arby’s is never even in consideration.


piepants2001 t1_j7a2682 wrote

Well, you sound like a jackass who can't handle the fact that some people like different things than you.


ItsASchpadoinkleDay t1_j7a38i7 wrote

Hey man, I was just ragging on you about Arby’s. I had some real dogshit experiences, but that is anecdotal evidence about a local franchise. Your experience may be completely different.

I don’t know why, but I clicked on your profile. You have posts about listening to Dio in Donington and Rainbow’s Rising on vinyl. I have had both Dio and Rainbow on the turntable in the last week.

I really don’t care about Arby’s that much, just stirring up some shit on Reddit while I’m 4 glasses deep in bourbon. Anyone who listens to music like that is alright in my book. Have a good night, friend.


piepants2001 t1_j7a3zwk wrote

Every time I've had Arby's it's been good, so yeah, we can agree to disagree. But yeah, Dio kicks ass (I was lucky enough to see him perform with Heaven & Hell in 2007), and I'm about 6 beers deep myself. Cheers.


newjbentley88 t1_j7b1k6d wrote

I can’t tell you, you’ve redeemed yourself in my eyes until you tell me the bourbon?


ItsASchpadoinkleDay t1_j7bn1cw wrote

Wild Turkey, of course. A few glasses of Rare Breed and a few of the 101.


ItsASchpadoinkleDay t1_j7a2mdi wrote

I just admitted I ride on a pretty short horse, but there are some lines even I won’t cross. I’d eat Taco Bell and Wendy’s every day of the week. KFC even has some redeeming qualities.

The only thing worth going to Arby’s for is Arby’s Sauce, but they sell that at the grocery store now so I don’t have to ruin my day by going into that restaurant.

Don’t brag about “having the meats” and then serve sandwiches that have so little meat that the bun edges touch 360 degrees around the sandwich.


piepants2001 t1_j7a31jq wrote

Sounds like your Arby's might just be shitty, every Arby's I've ever been to has had pretty loaded sandwiches.


ItsASchpadoinkleDay t1_j7a3h3c wrote

This is probably true. I used to like Arby’s. Sometime around 2005-2007, they were ruined. You might be right that it’s a local issue.


groovy604 t1_j79huao wrote

"I'm so hungry I could eat at Arbys"

"Oh my goodness!!"


jmac29562 t1_j79k1oj wrote

Excuse me…I do believe the colors are inverted


lammchops15 t1_j79vk0j wrote

As an Arby’s enjoyer, I would respectfully like OP to make the colors reflect the international standard that more Arby’s=good. Fewer Arby’s=bad.


anonkitty2 t1_j7dob9k wrote

No. It's an Arby's heat map, measuring the heat of the Arby's restaurants. More Arby's should be redder.


BenjaminDrover t1_j7945lf wrote

Founded in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio, but now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


droplivefred t1_j79ry0c wrote

Totally random and possibly unrelated, but does Arby’s carry Coke products or Pepsi? Just because they are both based in Atlanta and curious if the Arby’s HQ relocation had anything to do with which beverage company they deal with.


BenjaminDrover t1_j79swi0 wrote

I don't know, but Arby's was owned by RC Cola at one time, and it was led later by a former PepsiCo executive.


keyslot1 t1_j7a2mo4 wrote

Currently Coke, but they were with Pepsi about 4 years ago.


Gtpwoody t1_j7dp3ug wrote

Lots of companies have done that, I used to work for The HoneyBaked Ham Company, they were started in Chicago, but they are now headquartered in Alpharetta,


dotsdavid t1_j79ann8 wrote

Indiana does have a lot of Arby’s.


Ok-Adhesiveness1000 t1_j7aa987 wrote

Wow legitimately hottest in the weakest fucking states.

Gotta be intentional.


thrillcosbey t1_j79wvsz wrote

Hollywood got the meats. Here in Cali , def the weirdo Arby’s , some how has a 4.2 rating and the drive though is always busy.


vertigostereo t1_j799ibe wrote

Get it together Vermont and Rhode Island.


ericerikkedod t1_j7bjocv wrote

RI probably had one at some point, Arby's shut down a lot of their southern New England locations a decade or so ago.


5kyl3r t1_j79e5c2 wrote

i'm in KS and apparently we got the meats


quietlumber t1_j7a4xu8 wrote

TIL that Cincinnati is like the epicenter of Midwest Arbyness. They are everywhere around here, but I didn't know just how "lucky" we are.


FinerGamerBros t1_j79plb3 wrote

Does anyone else get super sick after eating Arby’s? I like it but it kills my insides.


TBSchemer t1_j7alivi wrote

No? I'm really concerned by all the comments about colon problems on this thread. That's literally never happened to me with Arby's.


sisiredd t1_j7a0qj1 wrote

That's not how red and green are supposed to work.


skwm t1_j7a16r1 wrote

I like that the coloring of this map implies that fewer Arby’s per capita is a good thing


philnolan3d t1_j7a8cn3 wrote

Yeah I love Arby's but the nearest one to me in Pennsylvania is like 20 minutes away and the opposite away from everywhere I usually go so I don't get to go there often.


Emracruel t1_j7aboi2 wrote

My brother as a carpenter literally had multiple years of his primary job being building new Arby's in Ohio. Math checks out


KR1735 t1_j7ahl05 wrote

Their jalapeño poppers + bronco berry sauce. Mmm.


tirikai t1_j79en7o wrote

Australia is a desert country when it comes to Arbys


V_Triumphant t1_j79ndhi wrote

I'd be curious to see Canada.


FrankDrakman t1_j7aac3g wrote

There used to be a few in Toronto, but I'm not sure if any are left.

EDIT: So I looked it up; there are 12 in Ontario, all of them in Southern Ontario but none in Toronto proper.


dgadirector t1_j79pggd wrote

This map really doesn’t tell you much. Wyoming only has a population of 578,000. California is over 39 Million. That means only 13 or so Arby’s in Wyoming. Over 80 in California. California has a much more dense population so you wouldn’t need the amount that Wyoming has to be able to service everyone.


MantaRayGunz t1_j79wjti wrote

Not trying to be a punk, but this isn't a heat map.


[deleted] t1_j7b2ube wrote

Arby’s is like the Walmart of fast food. And I don’t mean from a business perspective.


OFPMatt t1_j7bmgn0 wrote

Has anyone else noticed the quality has been declining for a solid ten years at Arby's?


SirMetalhead t1_j7cnrzz wrote

Actually this is a chloropleth map, not a heat map (which is a continous representation of point density).


emchops t1_j7a13z7 wrote

On one hand, I suppose this map is better than the ones that completely leave Alaska and Hawaii off the map.

On the other... Why is Hawaii sideways???


mormicro99 t1_j7ayguc wrote

Something democrats and republicans can apparently agree on?


rismoney t1_j7b55nj wrote

TIL Arby's is not punny for Roast Beef but rather punnynfor the founders names.


Zephos65 t1_j7b68lv wrote

I have had a long running theory that the better the local food, the least amount of fast food places per capita. Seems to hold up here pretty well


Zachary_Lee_Antle t1_j7bazpi wrote

As an Indiana native, this explains why I see their commercials on every other YouTube video or hear them on every other podcast I listen to for as long as I can remember


averagemaleuser86 t1_j7bb56g wrote

What was killing arbys I think was those terrible curly fries. Now you can get crinkle fries which are awesome!


Hot_Cheeze_LUL t1_j7bbi36 wrote

Vermont seems like they have their shit in order.


BayViewBen t1_j7bf78y wrote

Arby’s on Miller Park Way


Conrad299 t1_j7bvi0x wrote

I don't know if I should ignore the reason why someone asked and answered this question


PolarBurrito t1_j7cav75 wrote

I love their gyros, not a lot of Greek/Mediterranean restaurants near me. And, their curly fries and jamocha shake are a nice change of pace.

Beef and cheddars are nice as well, but I think I’m getting too old for them - my GI tract can’t handle them anymore.

I live in an orange state 😁


adjust_the_sails t1_j7cgspk wrote

Jon Stewart should have this hanging in his office.


GDMFB1 t1_j7da0m3 wrote

I have never met anyone that said “let’s go to Arby’s.”


Cause0 t1_j7ddk62 wrote

Nice map, but the numbers are a bit too big


Gtpwoody t1_j7dowxs wrote

I do not get the hate on Arby's I fucking love them.


OUCS t1_j7eb0rs wrote

I’m not sure why the scale is colored this way. Green good; Red bad, is culturally significant. You should consider a different color scheme unless you hate Arby’s.


[deleted] t1_j7eqn33 wrote

I love that TX and CA can't agree on almost anything, except Arbys.


Please-let-me t1_j79ef21 wrote

I love that its so uncalled for yet so called for


deekaydubya t1_j79gfcp wrote

Uhh where did the ‘political party vs unemployment rate’ post I was just notified about go? It was deleted for some reason


SirThatsCuba t1_j7a52nx wrote

With one exception this tracks pretty close to places I don't want to live. The Arby's index is amazing.


DirtyBottomsPottery t1_j79kwji wrote

I'm mostly just confused by the concept of "heatmap." Why not just say popularity?


jang859 t1_j79vscr wrote

This graphic is an example of a heatmap type chart.


DirtyBottomsPottery t1_j7a270q wrote

If you're not going to address my question, why would you respond? Obviously this is an example of a heatmap chart. You're not helping.


jang859 t1_j7b4260 wrote

I googled heatmap wiki and the entry comes up.

It's one of those things, once you know what it is you'll realize you've seen thousands of these charts before. Just didn't know what they were called.


DirtyBottomsPottery t1_j7bd794 wrote

You're right, I should have just googled it.


FacelessFellow t1_j79lhkg wrote

I’m never going to Arbys again.

The last time I ate there, I was reminded why I don’t eat there. I can’t believe I had to learn their multiple times.

I’d rather eat instant ramen.


Significant_Gas_5888 t1_j7978md wrote

Dangerous place to be based on my experiences with Arby’s…


HaDov_Yaakov t1_j79wbjd wrote

So basically a map ranking state population


SchmeedsMcSchmeeds t1_j79uhrh wrote

If you overlay cases of diarrhea by state you will see a direct correlation.


rosebudlightsaber t1_j7a53pl wrote

so, there could be just a couple of Arby’s in Wyoming and this map makes it look like Wyoming has a ton of them…

Bad map.

A quick google search shows there are 160 Arby’s in TX, while only 16 in Wyoming…


756898 t1_j79avh3 wrote

I almost throw up thinking about those disgusting roast beef sandwiches


flashdman t1_j7be96j wrote

Went to Arby's for a roast beef sandwich years ago. Didn't like the meat mulch on a bun that they served me. Never have gone back...


tastygluecakes t1_j791tac wrote

Huh. Is their demographic overweight, conservative, rural area dwelling white folks?


[deleted] t1_j79775r wrote



tastygluecakes t1_j798kpi wrote

Tell me what else those 6 states have in common?


TheHazyBotanist t1_j7ayfic wrote

Why must you bring your political and racial opinions into a post about a funny Arby's map.... Read the room