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Sweeeet_Chin_Music t1_j7dece3 wrote

These Gen Zs who keep talking about mental health have no idea what mental health is.

Feeling alone, depressed, like a loser etc are legitimately good feelings to have as long as you have a reason to feel that way.

Gen Zs think a person with good mental health will never feel sorrow. It's not like that.

Also, how can your resolution be "I'll work on my mental health?"

You just read more books, look at other people's sorrows, read inspirational stories, spend time with your family, put relationship above "good sex", work on your relationships rather than just quitting someone saying he or she is "toxic"... Get a promotion at work, run a mile and then more, eat healthy, develop hobbies, have goals and stay busy and you'd be fine.

But Gen Zs wouldn't do any of that... They would just work on their mental health. And then they'll come online and talk about trans rights in a discussion forum about debt ceiling... Why? Because that's all they know to talk about.


SporkofVengeance t1_j7ezn0d wrote

“The mythical people in my head are bad people. Thinking this way is fine.”