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Separate-Ad-6224 t1_j7dr59t wrote

You’re the one who created this visual? I’ve seen it a couple times and took a screen shot of some (I think the Bank of America was the best I’ve seen). Is there a website where we can upload our financial dataset and create this monthly?


IncomeStatementGuy OP t1_j7er4db wrote


I develop the website and used it to create this visual. Your use case is precisely what the website is for.


zooomenhance t1_j7gnpoo wrote

Would love to see a broad breakdown of government spending


IncomeStatementGuy OP t1_j7gnw4c wrote

Would be interesting. Do you have a good source for the raw data?


zooomenhance t1_j7gq05s wrote

I guess it wouldn’t be your typical chart since you aren’t showing profit and expenses but where the spending goes to each agency. This gov site has an overview of spending as well as some data tables with details Here’s a page focused on revenue sources, it sounds like they base their charts off of the Monthly treasury statements linked at the bottom


Dmytro_North t1_j7dsljh wrote

Sankeymstic does something similar online for free. This might be done in adobe illustrator.