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swankpoppy t1_j7e952p wrote

Wasn’t sure because there’s a separate bucket for ads but I’m assuming that’s just ads from google, not YouTube? I’m really curious what the distribution of income looks like for YouTube. Is it mostly ads or subscriptions or whatever.


I__Know__Stuff t1_j7eoslj wrote

The top left category is specifically search advertising. Youtube advertising revenue is in "Youtube".


swankpoppy t1_j7fe235 wrote

So how does that break out? Are ads the only source of revenue YouTube has? I would have thought there would be direct revenue too, from YouTube TV, things like that. Is that in “other revenue”? I’m asking if anyone has that data. Is 100% of YouTube’s revenue from ads because that’s what this is implying and it seems wrong.

I don’t like how this chart is supposed to show where all the money goes, but has $29B for YouTube, basically the size most companies, as one bucket that’s shown as all ad revenue. I don’t believe that’s true.


I__Know__Stuff t1_j7feh2m wrote

Another comment said that YouTube's non-advertising revenue is counted under Playstore.


swankpoppy t1_j7ff62h wrote

Thanks! That makes sense. I’m just surprised they have a bucket that large and don’t elaborate on what “other” means. Seems dodgy.