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bitcoind3 t1_j7ejb3k wrote

For those of us who are not seasoned accountants:

  • Research and Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • General and Administrative

Gnash_ t1_j7f0psh wrote

yeah I was wondering what S&M could stand for in this context


Deribus t1_j7f4xyi wrote

That's just the department that writes the EULAs


j0akime t1_j7fk7tj wrote

Where in this chart would employee salary / compensation show up?


SteveSharpe t1_j7fp5a0 wrote

It could be any of those depending on the nature of the work each individual is doing. Sales people salary going into S&M, general corporate type workers in G&A, and engineering costs into R&D as an example.

Also, service workers might even come out before the operating profit line under cost of revenue.


bitcoind3 t1_j7g4dcj wrote

"it depends"

Some bits are self explanatory (sales, marketing, ...). Chances are most of the "brains" of Google (coders and the like) fall under R&D since that is often taxed more favourably. A lot of staff, particularly the people who literally keep the lights on (anyone who works on data centre hardware) will fall under cost of revenue.