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Obvious_Chapter2082 t1_j7gdur8 wrote

It depends on the reason why. Most of why Googles rate is low is due to employee compensation and R&D. Why are either of those bad things?


acebandaged t1_j7gx4fz wrote

The status quo has created massive income inequality, and is rapidly driving the US towards a breaking point as a result. Google's tax rate isn't low because employee comp and R&D, it's low because they spend massive amounts of time and money figuring out how NOT to put money back into the economy. We need to fundamentally change the way we approach corporate taxes in order to return some equality to the people.


Obvious_Chapter2082 t1_j7i3hud wrote

>isn’t low because employee comp and R&D

Their 10-K is public record, it’s absolutely due to employee comp and R&D


acebandaged t1_j7kkg9f wrote

I'm saying that the fact they can use that as an excuse not to pay more taxes is a problem


thewhalehunters t1_j7id4zv wrote

Jesus christ dude. The tax rate isn't what is driving income inequality. Not even close to correct. Read a damn book instead of inventing dumb ideas.