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MyAnswerIsMaybe t1_j7ge6ek wrote

60 Billion in profit and they are cutting staff in 2023.

If its a good year the owners reap the rewards, if its a bad year the employees face the consequences.


LordBrandon t1_j7oepte wrote

Most of thoes billions goes to paying people. You're only happy if it's 100%?


MyAnswerIsMaybe t1_j7plbci wrote

60 billion is after they paid people.

60 Billion was just stock piled or used to grab up as many assets as they can.

I would suggest that a company has to take that profit and share it with everybody equally. No stock buy backs, no dividends, nothing of that sort.


LordBrandon t1_j7q2bns wrote

Why would anyone ever start a company, or invest in a company if they could never be compensated for it?


MyAnswerIsMaybe t1_j7q2isc wrote

Idk but people still buy Microsoft stock and I believe the CEO is paid pretty good