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st4n13l t1_j7fpg78 wrote

Thank you for posting a perfect example of the opposite of what should be posted here. It's helpful for other users to have an example of ugly data visualizations.

Seriously, you knew how many pieces it would have and somehow still decided a donut chart was a good idea.

Then you created the visualization and saw how difficult it was to make sense of with that many pieces and still decided it should be posted to r/dataisbeautiful.


jonsnowden- t1_j7fuwh7 wrote

I think next time you should also involve OP's family in this disintegrating roast process I just witnessed. To end the suffering of their mediocre existence. Because st4n13l is a merciful god.


Stratedge t1_j7gos0q wrote

OP doesn't have a family; it's a business and this is an ad. As an avid dataisbeautiful follower, this offends me.

As an investor, the actual portfolio offends me even more though. These are a lot of low upside, high downside stocks. Traditional thinking would call this a safe, keep pace with inflation strategy, but I think it's more Russian roulette. Plenty diversified, though, hence why the data isn't beautiful.

Edit: If it were me I'd have organized the assets by some kind of grouping... sector or some kind of selection criteria that implies why it's supposed to be a good portfolio.


cepegma t1_j7i0djo wrote

as rule of thumb, pie chart are good in mos situation when you have to display up to 3 categories. This because it becomes impossible to read properly very quickly. In addition, it's not good to use pie charts when the area of the sectors are quite similar. this because the average human eye has problems to notice differences when the area difference is small


BourboneAFCV t1_j7fppfu wrote

Worst ETF, down like 99%


And she is just gambling and buying Tesla like crazy, she belongs to WSB


chadd283 t1_j7fqmr1 wrote

buy the SARK etf. the reverse cramer for cathie ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ


AldusPrime t1_j7liwpn wrote

SARK is awesome. I mean, I donโ€™t actually have it in my portfolio (Iโ€™m too Boglehead for that) but I love that it exists.


realized_loss t1_j7g1hav wrote

What is her infatuation with roku??