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tomveiltomveil t1_j7fyf7h wrote

I can only assume that 906,444,360 different people listened to "abcdefu" exactly once. That is the worst song to crack the top 40 in years.


Maguncia t1_j7gwue7 wrote

Weird take. I'd never heard the song, and I've never heard of the artist, but after listening to it, it sounds standard to the point of being derivative. Weird to single it out for song of the year, also, but I don't get how it could be "worst" when it sounds exactly like 100 other top 40 songs, and there are so many totally grating, unpleasant songs (including some of the other nominations, probably).


PcNewbieee t1_j7gdz70 wrote

Nah it’s catchy, just not for your generation/demographic.

There’s a lot of data out there that proves it’s mostly kids who sway the Music industry’s best interest. It’s really interesting and fkn scary.


[deleted] t1_j7jkxgo wrote



yikesafm8 t1_j7k96em wrote

Everyone was using the song in videos when it first came out. People just enjoy changing their tune.


LacomusX t1_j7mues7 wrote

As a 20 year old I disagree with this. Any publicity is good publicity anyway


ar243 t1_j7iwzfq wrote

That's the most generic song I've ever heard


Pascalwbb t1_j7kkr4a wrote

I only heard remix of it, and it is pretty catchy


DearSurround8 t1_j7knk49 wrote

Add billions of additional listens through tictoc. I have never heard the entire song, but I've heard that catchy damn chorus at least 1000 times.


abraun68 t1_j7i3y3b wrote

I'd be more interested in streams per day to account for how long each song has been out.


LikChalko t1_j7hslw4 wrote

The heart part 5 is a great track. The music video is sublime


LikChalko t1_j7jlg9s wrote

The original heart is even better though. Kendrick is this generations greatest poet. Many of us don’t even realize how good at poetry he really is. If you were to ask Edgar Allen Poe to rap on rhythm he would likely struggle. As would Robert frost or Walt Whitman. We often don’t give credit to just how talented the great rappers like Kendrick, cole, or JID really are.


doubledippedchipp t1_j7kg0y1 wrote

Poe and Whitman weren’t trying to do what rappers do. But I still agree with your point.


LikChalko t1_j7o5xdg wrote

Oh totally. I could have expressed that with much details and less broad statements. Was just a bit tired when I wrote it.


trappednjohnlockhell t1_j7irjcs wrote

This isn’t how they determine song of the year. Song of the year is the award for excellence in songwriting, not how popular a song was.


spidereater t1_j7k929j wrote

But one might expect that people would want to listen to an excellent song. The fact that the winning song had about 1% of the listens of the next most popular song in the list and the most popular song had almost 2000x more listens suggests there might be a disconnect between the people voting and the general public. Especially on Spotify where everyone had access to every song. You don’t need to buy an album or listen to a certain station.


trappednjohnlockhell t1_j7kwklp wrote

But the people voting are forced to listen to the song because they have to evaluate it, the public isn’t. People tend to listen to the artists they know and love on repeat. Bonnie Raitt, while a legend, is mainly going to be popular with an older crowd, many of whom probably do not use Spotify or if they do they listen to playlists that they’re children or grandchildren helped them put together, so they may not have even been aware that she put out a new song. And I mean, there’s plenty of beautifully written songs out there that fly under the public’s radar everyday. It just so happens that this time, one of them managed to win a major award despite that.


cellus5000 t1_j7l8fqv wrote

Yeah and things that are good are NEVER popular. Especially not by orders of magnitude over their competition.



Glaive13 t1_j7jlou4 wrote

Dj Khalid putting all his money together to hire some people with actual talent to write and sing a song together made me laugh a little.


copperstar22 t1_j7idtdl wrote

I’m just glad abcdefu didn’t win


Shanoskia t1_j7iihge wrote

The realization that I'm old and out of touch.

I have no idea what any of these songs are.

I know the artists names cause I don't liv e under a rock, but I can say I've actively never heard any of these.

It could be my taste in music, but I dunno.


UglyPrettyBoy t1_j7jakcy wrote

Same...with this caveat:

I still will peek in at Saturday Night Live at times, and Kendrick Lamar and Steve Lacy performed within the past few months. So it is likely I heard their songs - but I couldn’t name those tunes if you played them in front of me.


zoinkability t1_j7j9t6a wrote

I can understand not knowing some of these but it takes a special degree of out of touch to have never heard Adele, Taylor Swift, or Beyonce. I mean, I don't go out of my way to hear pretty much any top 40 type popular musician but I guarantee you have heard at least one of them even if you weren't paying attention.


Shanoskia t1_j7jw7ig wrote

I know some of the artists, I just don't know any of these songs specifically.

I didn't say I've never heard of the artists.


katsumojo t1_j7hfmrt wrote

The Bonnie Rait sign is true artwork. Not saying any of the other songs aren’t. I listened to Just Like That for the first time last night and it was emotionally captivating. Great subject matter, great story telling, emotionally connects…makes for a great song.


ThankuConan t1_j7i0zm7 wrote

Just proves that you don't need big sales early on to be a great piece of work. Bonnie deserved her Grammy.


copperstar22 t1_j7idu6u wrote

I’m just glad abcdefu didn’t win


Bex2659 t1_j7jgnc4 wrote

The people who generally listen to Bonnie Raitt probably aren’t using Spotify.


hairbo t1_j7kfyvu wrote

Just because a lot of people listen to it doesn’t make it good.


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718cs t1_j7iu828 wrote

Dang you’re so edgy and cool that you don’t know popular songs. I bet you’re fun at parties too


3ebfan t1_j7iwx3v wrote

A great triumph indeed, Sir King of the Neckbeards. I tip my fedora in your direction good sir.


PcNewbieee t1_j7gdo8f wrote

Harry it’s gonna win, then Kanye gonna Kanye Harry because Lizzo got “snubbed”.

And all because he didn’t look at this chart. Lol


Funicularly t1_j7h69at wrote

How is Harry going to win if Bonnie Raitt already won?


Shdqkc t1_j7g2qoy wrote

I'm pleased to report that I contributed exactly 0 of those listens


gumol t1_j7g2vbg wrote

why are you pleased?


PcNewbieee t1_j7ge2ub wrote

Cuz following the crowd is for losers.

Follow me and subscribe for more lol


Shdqkc t1_j7idvph wrote

Because the grammys are dumb. "Best record" and all that is highly subjective and there are many artists out there making music who are far more talented than most of these people. Artists who, for starters, write their own instruments...don't lip sync.

Have the award show and recognize whoever but let's call it what it is. "Best selling album of the year.""Most streamed song of the year."

At least those things aren't so subjective.


No-Yak5173 t1_j7ihzlc wrote

The lyrics being written by the singer, the singer playing an instrument and never lip suncing doesn’t make a song or album any better or worse though


Shdqkc t1_j7ijbqv wrote

Ok, that's fair. Those things should not prevent a song from winning but the artist should not be in the running for artist of the year.

And also, again, the "best" song is so subjective. Maybe a song that a singer wrote themselves, based on their own life experiences, that they have a real emotional connection with, is "better" to me than one that a song writer wrote and the actual performer saw for the first time 5 minutes before it was time to lay it down on the record.