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menlyn t1_ja62q83 wrote

The US had about 15000 stores. China has 6000... notvquite 100 :1. Korea, Japan, UK and Canada have over 1000 stores each.

Maybe a novelty in some countries...but certainly not all.


Tulkor t1_ja748r7 wrote

We don't have them at every corner, but every major trainstation, most shopping Centers and many touristy areas have one, if i want one it takes me like 15min walking/with public transport to get one in most areas im regularly at.


lawfulkitten1 t1_ja740bq wrote

here in Tokyo at least there are like 10 different Starbucks-like local chains and they are all roughly the same price (i.e. expensive) so I think the point still applies, even if the stores aren't literally Starbucks branded. ordering coffee at a cafe here is fairly expensive.