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RotisserieChicken007 t1_j87w0yx wrote

Ridiculous use of colours. No trees and still green? GTFO.


Regolime t1_j889k62 wrote


So the avrage is 10% in the lowest colour, I think using a very pale green colour is actually better, then just white. Probably every state has sone forest area.


fuckboiiii6969 t1_j88bubu wrote

You do realise that each percent could be represented with a different shade, right? Just like the rainbow isn’t exactly 7 colors


cjrmartin t1_j897vi6 wrote

Ever heard of grass? Nothing wrong with using light green as the base colour that gets darker with higher percentage of forests.

Too many people criticising a perfectly legitimate choice of gradient and shouting hyperboles. Let's be honest, the use of colour is not "ridiculous" even if it's not the most optimal design.


RotisserieChicken007 t1_j8b3tpm wrote

Okay, I'll change the word ridiculous to totally misleading, and possibly even fake news.


cjrmartin t1_j8b82kp wrote

You're still wrong, it's neither ridiculous nor totally misleading even if it is sub-optimal in the shades of green used. The data is showing forests not general vegetation cover, I think it's perfectly acceptable to have a light green tone for the 0-20% bucket.

Also, happy cake day.


RotisserieChicken007 t1_j8b94z2 wrote

You're the kind of guy who'd put light, medium and dark green on a traffic light.


cjrmartin t1_j8baaax wrote

More efficient that way. Go, goer, and goest


wanmoar t1_j88ko94 wrote

I’m very tempted (based on personal experience) to blame the Modi governments nationalist propaganda as the reason for OPs colour choice.

So very tempted…


thehumandumbass t1_j88m6wa wrote

What does nationalist propaganda have to do with green colour.


wanmoar t1_j88o7tk wrote

Nationalism usually mean trying to paper over the bad things.

Here, for me, the desire to show India as ‘green’ (with green meaning good), was the reason (knowingly or by instinct) for the choice of colour gradient.


Atothed2311 t1_j88rs4s wrote

What an overthink of a simple visualisation.


wanmoar t1_j88schh wrote

Overthinking things is kind of my thing.

Fairly certain that’s not what I’m doing here.