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kiki184 t1_j883799 wrote

"%age" - I was looking for the forest "age" by colour legend for a few seconds there.

% is enough, no age needed in title.


wanmoar t1_j88k9ae wrote

I’m willing to give way on that. OP is clearly Indian so English isn’t his/her first language.

The choice of gradients however…


raff7 t1_j88gc8q wrote

Seriously, I thiugh it was a graph about age of Forests


HoweHaTrick t1_j899jj2 wrote

god forbid they have the time to type "percentage". I'm too old for this.


RunAwayWithCRJ t1_j8br46e wrote

Actually this is the correct usage of 'percentage'.

You're supposed to say 'percentage' when you're using it without a numerical value. It's hard to explain, I'll give an example:

>Question: What is the percentage of alcohol in Jack Daniel's?

>Answer: 40 percent


trentgibbo t1_j8ceesp wrote

"percent sign % (sometimes per cent sign in British English) is the symbol used to indicate a percentage"

It indicates percentage so you don't need to say percentage.